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Top 5 Exquisite Places to Give An Intense Sense of Joy of Trekking in Thailand

5 places to experience trekking in thailand

What do you think Thailand would be best known for? Obviously, we all grew up listening that Thailand is famous for something called ‘Thai Massage’, Beaches, Buddhist temples, and of course, Nightlife that sizzles everyone’s mind. And obviously there is a big, bright side of Thailand beyond the limelight of red Spa & Massage centers and beaches. Apart from gigantic shopping malls thrilling water sport activities, there is a wide range of trails to choose from. From trek sites for beginners to challenging, but adventurous paths for the pro trekkers, Thailand offers a vibrant shade of delights for the bag packers.

Picturesque paramount view from the top of the mountains to the mesmerizing sunset from the beach, things make Thailand beyond your imaginations. If you are planning to move the mouth caved tropics and stunning and diverse rainforests in Thailand then you can double the pleasure of your trip by giving a chance to Trekking in Thailand on your itinerary. Walk through the century old trails situated on the offshore of ravishing waterfalls will give a perfect shot to add on your travelogue. From exploring towering mountains to experience plenty of routes, you will get an opportunity to explore the real beauty of Thailand that doesn’t lie in the spa and massage centers. 

5 Extraordinary Destinations To Try Trekking In Thailand

While you make your mind to experience the best trip of your life, we are enlisting 10 ultimate trekking routes to head towards on your next trip to Thailand.

1. Chiang Rai: Your Gateway of Happiness

Chiang Rai

Situated on the north side of Thailand, Chiang Rai brings two utmost qualities of nature together in which the one goes to rich culture and another goes to rewarding natural trails to give a life to your journeys. All romantic, family, friends or solo types of trips terminate here as this is the gateway of relaxation and recreation. And trekking in Chiang Rai becomes a lifetime movement when the water in the Kok river tries to interact with the travelers and try to welcome them at a place where nature grows periodically.

Trekking Route: The trail goes to Lum Nam Kok National Park as it is one of the most popular, but still serene nature trekking routes in Thailand and crosses the Kol river that goes to Doi Chang. With a perfect mixture of adventure, of climbing hills and walkthrough the forests, it becomes the first best place for trekking in Thailand where to go after the outbreak.

2. Chiang Mai: Trail where the amateurs grow up

If you are an amateur traveller looking for some of the best places to enjoy trekking in Thailand then Chiang Mai would be the best one. Popular among the Thai and other tourists, this is a perfect place to explore a range of natural trails surrounded by the splendour of the nature and vibrant schemes of the flowers and waterfalls. Neighboring valleys, serene rivers and beautiful dense forests, this is a place where the trekkers live the most. And also the trekking route is not as tough as Chiang Rai.

Trekking Route: Situated on Thailand’s highest mountain peak, the track is covered by beautiful flowers and goes through the dense forests where the trekking turns out to be a memory that never fades. Covering some of the best tourist places in Thailand including Chiang Dao Peak and Doi Inthanon, Chiang Mai is a place to experience the best trekking and climbing ever.

3. Hun Hin: Set in the parallel world

Known as the ‘Elephant Trekking in Thailand’ trekking in Hun Hin is undoubtedly the most incredible thing to do in Thailand and the best part is experiencing the way professional trekkers do this. Famous for its elephant cams, Hun Hin is basically a home of the elephants, but don’t worry because the trekking route goes through the safe distance from those camps. 

Trekking Route: Walkthrough the most famous waterfalls and open elephant camps, amazing forests and hilly trails, you will enjoy the most memorable side of your life here during the elephant village safari and obviously adventure park tour at Pang Chang Hutsadin. Well, this is just third, there are 7 other best trekking places in Thailand where you cannot resist going.

4. Kamphaeng Phet: Your All Time Tourist Need

At this place where everything is just a part of the journey, Kamphaeng Phet is an incredible and historic part of Thailand where you can move next. Displaying a wide range of alluring and engaging cultural things, this is also a famous trekking route where both pro and beginners come together to experience the joy of roaming. To the west of the peak, you can observe an outstanding picturesque scenery having fertile forests and quaint rivers along with waterfalls. You will just love the way the wind goes off and nature hits your senses.

Trekking Route: This is one of the famous religious destinations in Thailand and the route goes through some of the majestic and notable monuments, including Buddhists temples and alluring gardens having varieties of plants and flowers. 

5. Phu Thap Boek Mountain: Where the sun shines clearly

What trekking means for you? The concept will be entirely changed after roaming around the beautiful ways and walking the most beautiful and closed nature trails. Known as the crown of Thailand, Phu Thap Boek is a famous trekking destination in Thailand that demolishes the identity of message centers over the country. Clear sky, waterfalls and lovely long trek, things will be etched in your mind forever and you will not even feel it. Then there is a chair and a spot on the peak of the mountain that enables you to enjoy the sunlight 24 hours because the skies seem low when you reach here.

Trekking Route: Stimulated through the esteemed nature and locked in the stunning and panoramic views of the sun over the skies will draw an appealing picture of Thailand that will cost a million dollars even after it fades. Covering camping and hiking to the peak of the mountain, this is the best way to enjoy the best trekking experience in Thailand. 

These 5 are the most famous trekking places in Thailand to travel across. From mouthwatering food to scenic delights, these are some best tourist places in Thailand to visit in 2020. And make sure you experience the shop like a local after all that’s gonna be the best experience ever. The people in Thailand are extremely friendly and jolly natured that will give you an overwhelmed sensibility of the journey. 

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