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Best Destination for Summer in India to chill out

best destination for summer in india

Winters are all about to say bye-bye and it is the time to plan to chill out in the full moonlight of summer season. So which is the better place to escape in the summer heat that can give some relief from the plains? If you are an Indian then you should be thankful because India is blessed with abundant mountains, hills, beaches, oceans, exotic forests and other places that could give tempting feelings in summer in India itself.

Don’t dishearten if you’re not Indian. India is known for its hospitality and welcomes every year around 10 million tourists which are the thing to proud. In India, summer begins from April and it lasts till June. During this period, there are myriad places that offer cool temperatures to chill out in hot summer. For those who are looking for a break from their repetitious life and want to gather some memories with family, friends, and colleagues then we have compiled the list of Best Places to Visit in Summer in India.

1- Leh Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir

If you are an adventure lover, then Leh Ladakh is the quintessential place to visit this summer. This place is extremely harsh in terms of weather conditions and yet at the top in the list of places to visit in summer in India because of its exceptional beauty. Leh Ladakh is the place which is nestled with snowy mountains, beautiful lakes, barren valleys and most importantly it is home to trekking and motorcycle adventures. Age-old Buddhist monasteries and temples are also enhancing the beauty of Leh Ladakh.  

2- Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Manali is home to hills and for this reason, it is one of the popular and most visited hill stations in India. Nestled in between snow-capped sloped, it is located in Himachal Pradesh. Due to the lush green scenery, snowy mountains, jaw-dropping views, gushing blue streams and sky, it has become the Top Place to Visit in India in summers.Besides blessed with extraordinary scenic beauty, Manali also holds museums and temples that allure visitors.

3- Gulmarg, Jammu & Kashmir

When we are talking about cool places to visit in summer then how can we forget about Gulmarg which is amid with vibrant flowers blooms, outstanding hills, and rich valleys? This little place is literally a heaven on earth which is recommended to all age groups to visit. A milky snowy carpet is the trademark of this place and making it one of the most visited sites in India in summer. If you are adventurous in trekking and camping then this place if for you.

4- Darjeeling, West Bengal

Home to a tea plantation, Darjeeling is a picturesque hill town. Being the Best Destination for Summer in India, it is immensely beautiful and offering a panorama of delightful views. This city has an abundance of scenic places that you may rarely found in the Indian subcontinent. Visitors can enjoy the journey on the ‘Toy Train’ that give you enchanting views to explore and take you in the magnificent surroundings from New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling. A trip to Darjeeling during the summer season would be memorable as the weather remains perky, chilly and pretty. 

5- Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Amid with lush woodlands, manicured gardens, shimmering lakes, and mesmerizing hills, Ooty has no exception in that. As Ooty is the most popular destination for couples and honeymoon, there is no better way to enjoy the spellbinding views other than Toy Train. This small hill station offers myriad places to visit for adventurous activities. For every mountain lover, the idea of traveling to the queens of hills is ideal, no doubt.

6- Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh 

A place offering religion, history, and nature in one place is known as Tawang. A destination spotted with Buddhist monasteries and other religious and magical points has no end. Though it welcomes several potential tourists every year it is a surprisingly least populated town in Arunachal Pradesh. The warm hospitality and pleasant weather are two primary reasons that make Tawang the Best Place to Visit in India during Summer. 

7- Coorg, Karnataka

Amid with lush green valleys of the Western Ghats and exotic natural beauty, Coorg is one of the most prosperous places to visit during the summer season. As this hill station offers the perfect trekking place and offers affluent views, it also called the Kashmir of the south. Coorg has earned some special place in India where you can sit around the hills and explore the fog or hours.

8- Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Known for being the top destination for adventure sports, this place also has some signs of religious facts too. The hills, forests, and rivers are not the only attributes that make it a perfect destination to visit in summer but it has some exceptional beauty that makes it Best Places to Visit in Summer in India. So if you have a soft corner for rituals along with an adventurous mind, then kill this place with your adventurous activities.  

9- Pahalgam, Kashmir

While offering surreal and blissful views, Pahalgam is also offering other activities like horse-riding, cable car rides, etc. Holding the position of being the most scenic hill station, Pahalgam is heaven that offers blissful beauty, flowery meadows, and humble waterfalls. Being a hill station, Pahalgam is an incredible place to visit in summer that contains many picturesque spots with over 20 lakes.

10- Munnar, Kerala

Famous for extensive tea plantation, salubrious climate, and lush hills, Munnar is the Best Destination for Summer in India. With myriad attractions to visit, this hill station offers ultimate peace and rejuvenating feels to the tourists that attract you to visit here again and again. For those who are an adventure lover or a nature explorer, this place is best suitable. So next time when you plan for the trip, don’t skip Munnar on your list.

So, the summer is on the way to hit and it is the time to pack your bags and gather some memories with your friends and family. These amazing places will definitely help to collect some memorable memories. This summer, if you are looking for the long gateway away from the scorching temperature then visit the aforementioned places.

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