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Most Unique Food Festivals Around The World- For Your Unconditional Love For Food

food festivals around the world

Undoubtedly, you have been listening about religious festivals like Christmas, Music festivals like Tomorrowland and film festivals like Sundance. These festivals accumulate a large number of audiences. But have you ever heard about ‘Food Festivals’? If no, then you’ll definitely find these festivals funny. 

Food festivals are great fun to do and also, a great way to explore the local customs of different countries. But have you ever imagined a food festival could be the craziest thing? Once you start looking into the reality behind the food festival, you’ll realize why people are so crazy about these food festivals. 

Even though there are myriad popular destinations to visit around the world, these international food festivals are considered the most notable events. Are you curious to know what these festivals are, from where they originated and what are the actual facts behind them? We know the level of your curiosity. So without testing your patience, let’s jump into the enthusiasm of these festivals. 

Here is the list of food festivals around the world that surely will grab your attention. 

1. Pizzafest- Festival of Pizza 

Set in the birthplace of pizza itself, it is the greatest celebration in Italy. This delicious event takes place in honor of pizza every year. The most famous pizzerias from all over the world compete against the prominent local pizzaioli. People can sit and taste different varieties of pizzas in this festival. Also, at the end of the week, the jury will judge, also by taking opinions into consideration of all those who ate it. Isn’t it interesting and yummy? 

Where – Naples, Italy

When – September 

2. La Tomatina- Festival of Tomatoes 

Thousands of people throw ripe tomatoes at each other, but believe it or not, it is possibly the largest food festival in the world. Here, every year, the month of August comes with more excitement when the streets of Valencian turns into the river of tomato juices. It sounds quite wacky but still, it is attracting a large number of tourists from all over the world.  

Where- Valencian town of Bunol, Spain

When- last Wednesday of August 

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3. Salon du Chocolat – Festival of Chocolate 

So all the chocoholics, this festival is for you! This five-days event is entirely dedicated to chocolates. Each year over 500 participants from more than 60 countries participate in this event. Most yummy thing is, visitors can be a part of the event by chocolate tasting, attending pastry workshops and book signings. This food fest also hosts various unique events like chocolate fashion shows, chocolate sculpture contests and live performances by cocoa-producing countries.

Where- Quito, Ecuador

When- End of the October or Starting of November

4. Chinchilla Melon Festival- Festival of Watermelon

From big to small, round to juicy, no matter what melon you like- you’ll find every melon in Chinchilla Melon Festival. Chinchilla, known as the melon capital of Australia, attracts uncountable locals and international tourists. The festival has an array of exciting activities like melon eating, melon skiing, and a melon chariot race. Would you like to be a part of this juicy festival? Surely yes. 

Where- Chinchilla, Australia

When- February 14-17 

5. Giant Omelet festival – Festival of Eggs/Omelet

Do you prefer omelets for breakfast? What else and how big you can do with your egg? Nothing much I guess. A small town Brassieres in France take their love of eggs to the next level.  Are you curious to know how? Every year, townsfolk gather around 15000 eggs to create a massive dish. 

Back in 1973, Napoleon Bonaparte once visited the town and was served the egg dish. Napoleon loved it so much and asked for the larger one to be served to his army. 

There is a lot more than just eggs that the Giant Omelet celebration comes with. Like there is dancing, music, patrades during the event. Notwithstanding, the egg dish is still the main event. 

Where- Bessieres, France

when – November 

6. National street food festival- Festival of Street Food

Indian cuisine, especially street food is always a reason for happy faces. And this event is especially for those who are street food lovers. From sweet & sour chat to mouthwatering chole kulcha, spicy golgappa to tangy Bhalla papdi, there is no end for the varieties of dishes that one can savor on the streets of Delhi. Once in the year, all these street foods are gathered in the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium to be a savor of everyone’s tongue. Believe or not, these street dishes are really mouthwatering.  

Where- New Delhi, India

When – TBA

7. Ivrea Orange Festival- Festival of Orange

The Ivrea festival is all about the battle of oranges, the most spectacular part of the historic Carnival of the town and the fantastic representation of the town’s rebellion against the tyrant. The whole concept carries for three days, from Sunday to Shrove Tuesday, and the battle is played between the nine teams on foot. Considered as the largest food fight of Italy, though not larger than Spain’s La Tomatina, where around 5,00,000 pounds of oranges are destroyed during the battle every year. 

Where- Ivrea, Italy

When – Sunday to Shrove Tuesday in February or March

8. Herring festival – Festival of Herring

When it comes to the most cultural food festival around the world, the Herring festival comes at the top of the list. Every year, the herring migrates into the Ringkobing Fjord in Denmark to spawn. This is the party time of the fishermen which sometimes turns into the competition. Apart from the competition, several people come into the town to enjoy the platters of pickled, filleted, fried, caked and baked herring. Herring festival is the only festival that serves this delicious dish. So never miss a chance to be a part of it if you’re visiting Denmark. 

Where- Hvide Sande, Denmark 

When- Last weekend in April

9. Oktoberfest- Festival of Beer 

So you’re a beer lover? Then this festival is all about you. From the chilled beer to roasted meats, this festival serves tastes according to your choice. Whether you like brews, chug or spill, you’ll get every amazing beer of your choice. In order to explore more, there are 14 big and 21 small tents in total to accommodate the people taking part in Bavarian tradition. Apart from serving the beers and food, there are also fancy rides for the kids. 

Come and grab the opportunity to be a part of the world’s greatest celebration of beer with millions of your peers.

Where- Munich, Germany

When – 16-18 day festival running from mid or late September to the first October

10. Melbourne Food and Wine Festival – Festival of wine

Indulge yourself in the thousands of award-winning wines, delicious lunch, and dinners. Yes, you heard it correctly. It’s a 10 days celebration of food where you can savor palatable multi-course meals of some world-prominent chefs, also you can join the longest lunch, the signature event of the festival, with your favorite wine. The festival has over 200 events where every year food and wine lovers flock come to taste different dishes. The festival is all about supporting and cultivating what makes Melbourne and a surrounding region. 

Where- Docklands, Australia

When- March 

With a few weird and  most unique food festivals around the world, you can explore the different cultures and tastes of different places. Which one do you like the most? In fact, escape as many of these awesome food festivals around the world you can! If you’re a crazy rider on wheel or frequent traveller and a foodie, visiting these food festivals around the world is the most exciting idea. 

Don’t waste your time, get up and pack your bags because these fests are on their height.

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