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Curious To Know The Facts And History Behind Famous Things- Top 10 Museums In The World

top museums in the world

Museums are always a center of attraction. Not for sole reason, but they share various reasons to be the most awaited tourist attraction. The museums have been a source of exploring and enhancing knowledge of cultural, historical, scientific, artifacts and various other things to observe for many years. 

With the increase in travel, interest in visiting museums is also increasing every year. More and more people are showing their interests in visiting museums. Being a treasure, museums hold a variety of knowledge, alluring aspects to behold and various things to witness. But when it comes to visiting museums, we must have knowledge about the facts behind the particular museum so that we could observe the things well.  

In 2018, The Louvre- UK was the most visited Museum in the world with around 10.2 millions of visitors. Also, it has broken its own record, being the world’s most visited museum.

We have enlisted the top 10 museums in the world that help you with some important information that you should know before visiting. 

1. Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, China

When it comes to promoting ideological progress and modern science under the theme of “Nature, mankind and Technology”, this museum shares the list of top 10 museums of the world. The museum has 14 permanent exhibitions and 4 science-themed cinemas. Other notable spotlight of the museum is Spectrum of Life, Light of Wisdom, World of Robots or Space Navigation. Opened in 2001, it has two parts – one portrays natural life, different species and much more and the other has interactive exhibits about computing, robotics, and space travel.

Collection- Modern Science under the theme of “Nature, mankind and Technology”.

2. American Museum of Natural history – US

If you’re willing for some scientific knowledge then visit American Museum of Natural History. The museum has various things to keep eyes on. The museum emcompasses 45 permanent exhibition halls that includes Rose Center for Earth and Space and Hayden Planetarium along with the galleries for temporary exhibitions. If you’re a huge fan of Natural History then it is one of the scientific, educational and cultural institutions, also one of the top museums of the world. 

Collection- Natural Scientific Artifacts

3. Natural History Museum – UK

Amalgamation of different attributes, the Natural History Museum is one of the top 10 museums in the world.  As the name suggests Natural History, the whole concept of the  museum is based on various species. Around 126 million artefacts varying from plants, animals, fossils to meteorites, human remains and much more are part of this museum. Alongside, the museum is also home to about 185 professional scientists, known as the largest group of scientists in the world. The most popular attractive point of the museum is the Tarantula Feeding in the insect Zoo or replicas of giant whales and other marine life of the Sant Ocean Hall. 

Collection- Various species like plants, animals etc 

4. Tate Modern – UK

As the name suggests, the museum holds the national modern art of the British Country. Created in 2000, the museum houses the collection of British and international art from 1900 to the most modern paintings. When it comes to modern museums, it is one of the largest museums of modern and contemporary art worldwide. The museum owes 8 areas namely themes and subjects. Also, paintings painted by some of the prominent painters are presented here. Due to its modern artefacts, it is one of the famous museums of the world 

Collection- Modern Art

5. British Museum – UK

Founded on 7 June, 1753, the museum is also known as the Museum of Stolen Masterpieces or the Museum of All Civilizations. The names are justified to an extent. Because the treasures present in the museum were not collected legally. If we take an instance of the Rosetta Stone, it was taken from Napoleon’s Egypt. Although, many of the artefacts were taken from the government permission. Such as sculptural friezes of the Parthenon or sculptures of the mausoleum in Halicarnassus and the temple of Artemis in Ephesus. 

Collection- Archeology and Ethnography 

6. National Air and Space Museum- US

If you’re a science and space lover, this place is worth visiting. Believe it or not, it houses about 60,000 artefacts out of which almost all are original backup craft. With its science and space exhibition, it attracts millions of tourists every year. The museum was founded in 1946 under the name of National Air Museum. Because the museum was only able to display only small parts of the collection, the second facility was opened in 2003 in Washington Dulles. At this time, the Museum has two Facilities.  

Collection – Science and Space Artefacts

7. Vatican Museum

Perhaps it is something that you always wanted to know. Yes, this museum contains some amazing facts. The museum is the heart of the antique sculptures collection of the Vatican and one of the buildings ever designed to be a Museum of Arts. Also, it is said that it is the largest Museum of the world, containing 1400 halls, 50,000 objects to explore and you need to walk 7 km to get around all the exhibits. ‘Sistine Chapel’ is the main attraction point of the Museum. 

Collection- Antique Sculpture

8. Metropolitan Museum of Art- US

The house of masterpieces collected from all over the world, including notable collections from Ancient Egypt and classic antiquity, “THE MET” is an art experience unlike any other. The place where you can find everything, from Paleolithic artefacts to examples of pop art, there are collections of beholding artefacts like African, Oceanian or Middle Eastern Art. Notable thing of the Museum is, it has a collection of clothes worn by the inhabitants of all five continents for seven centuries. Among the best museums in the world, it is one of them due to its attributes. 

Collection – Artefacts

9. National Museums of China- China

Another largest and one of the most visited museums in the world. This museum serves the main exhibition about ancient China and the Road To rejuvenation. It first covers only the history from Yuanmou Man but later it started giving importance to communist development in the country. The museum is the third largest museum in the world as the building is  42.5 meters high, 5 floors ground and 2 floors underground. No matter what time you’re visiting here, the museum holds various kinds of exhibitions all year around. This is also Best Place To Visit in China.

Collection – Chinese Art  

10. The Louvre- UK

Situated at paris, The Louvre is one of the largest museums in the world. If we talk about the space it has occupied, approximately 195 thousand sq mt and has a total exposition area around 60,600 sq mt. The most important thing is – the exhibition is divided into seven large parts that explore etruscan to islamic arts. Although the museums tell stories on different aspects, paintings are the predominant focus of the museums. Several paintings from prominent painters are enhancing the beauty of the museum. Needless to say about the painting Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo Da Vinci is also present here. 

Collection – Etruscan to Islamic Arts


So, these are our attempts to pick out the some most famous museums in the world. Hopefully, whenever you plan to collect some historical facts behind most famous things, our list of top 10 museums in the world will help you somewhere. 

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