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Foodies Heaven: Explore the Top 5 Food Cities in India to Savor the Urban Delicacies

Food Cities in India

India is such an incredible country, famous for its diversity, world-famous well-preserved culture, legacy, and mainly ‘The Taste of India’ that walks in after a long journey across the communities, religions, and states. From lifestyle to living, from wine to dine, everything is diverse in India. And the most strange but popular thing about India is it’s food, that is quite strange because the tangy flavor of Indian spices never fades from the mind.  

There are 29 states in India, offering mouth-watering food with their specialties, and this is the best thing about India that each state has something unique and finger-licking good to last your craving for food. There is saying “Every two miles the water changes, every four miles the speech” even the taste doesn’t cross the territories of a state. And the “Land of Spices” India creates a heaven for foodies with a count of 37 regional cuisines, including five diaspora and fusion cuisines:

  • Indian-Chinese Cuisine
  • Malaysian Indian Cuisine
  • Indian-Indonesian Cuisine
  • Indian-Singaporean cuisine
  • Anglo-India Cuisine

Five of these cuisines are served with different delicacies including Singaporean and Malaysian. And the most interesting fact about Indian cuisines is that it has been nurtured and designed by the many religions, mainly influenced by the Mughals and particularly Hinduism for injecting cultural choice and traditions. According to a traditional Indian food theory, India platter contains 6 different flavors — sweet, salty, bitter, sour, astringent, and spicy, this is how Indian Rasoias serve. If you are planning to explore the world of Indian food, then here’s a list of some of the most iconic food cities in India, popular around the world for flavorsome food. 

Get ready with your dinner towel and a camera to capture the most scrummy foods of India. You’re going to walk through the most delicious Indian cities offering yum-yum food. Here you go! 

Top 5 Food Cities to Explore Under Food Tour In India

Craving to see the real side of India, here’s the list of top 5 food cities in India to experience the urban, cultural and traditional delicacies of India. 

1. Jaipur… The Royal Taste and Legacy of Rajasthan

One of the most iconic and colorful cities in Rajasthan, Jaipur is also known as ‘Pink City’ of India and popular across the world for its outstanding architecture and spellbinding historic places, including vibrant marketplaces and colorful tombs & Palaces. Though the pink city is one of the most visited foreign tourist places in India that is famous for its legacy and culture, another reason behind it’s unbelievable popularity is its taste  — a part of Rajasthani Cuisine. Though the city is popular for some renowned and iconic tourist places like Hawamahal and Jal Mahal, it has actually steeped in food culture. Most popular or the most recognized identity of Rajasthan ‘Dal Bati Churma’ is famous here and Gatte ki Sabzi with Kachori to satisfy your appetite. If you have come all the way for savoring something non-veg then Jaipur is popular for its delectable Lal Mans, which is one of the most delicious Rajsthani Dishes, comes from royal kitchens. Jaipur is also known for its old-school restaurants and food stalls where you can hand on Ghevar (An Iconic Sweet Dish), and of course, walk through the century-old bustling bazaars to explore historic food in Jaipur, Rajasthan. 

Where to Eat: Masala Chowk, Pandit Pav Bhaji, Sethi Bar-be-que, Rawat Mishtan Bhandar, Pandit Kulfi, Lala Ji Patashi Wala, and Famous Lassi Wala.

2. Ahmedabad… Eat Jalebi, Eat Fafda, Then Repeat

How many of you love Gujarati Snacks or Cuisine? One of the most popular and delicious Indian Cuisine includes one from Gujarat because there is nothing to be compared with a little sweet but absolutely spicy Gujarati food. Even the names of some popular Gujarat dishes are so perfect that blend with love such as Khaman Dhokla, Khakra, Khandvi, Farsan, Ganthiya, Dalvada, Undhiyu, Thepla, and Jalebi & Fafda is probably the healthiest snack. Ahmedabad, the capital city of Gujarat offers a range of well-established and historic restaurants, offering fine-dine in a traditional manner with a touch of urban hospitality. 

Where to Eat: Ambika Dalwada, Manek Chowk, Baghdad Fry Center, Bhatiyar Gali, Municipal Market, Induben Khakhra, Das Khaman House, and Oswal for Jalebi Fafda.

3. Hyderabad… Offering More than Biryani

You may know the city of Nizam for its internationally famous ‘Hyderabadi Biryani’ that includes some secret spices, flavors and undergoes a secret procedure to cook well. Well, this is not all about Biryani, because there are many other things brought Hyderabad in the list of most yummy food cities in India. The globally famed Hyderabadi cuisine is influenced by Mughlai, and Andhra cuisines with a few elements of Turkish cuisine as well. And the city is quite popular among the non-vegetarian for its ultimate meat and chicken. Here are some of the best places to try Hyderabadi Street Food.

Where to Eat: Sardarji’s Chaat, Gokul Chaat, Ohri’s Chowpatti, Lamakaan, Banjara Hills, Rajasthani Jalebi, and Namkeen, Lakshman ki Bandi, and Mayur Pan house Abids. 

4. Goa… Heaven of Seafood Lovers

It feels amazing to experience dinner beneath the starry sky on a seashore. Goa is one of the best food cities in India that may turn your imaginations into reality, and you would love it for sure. Famous for its ultimate seafood, Goa Cuisines include some flavorsome elements of Portuguese. You can explore all international cuisines here as Goa is the best place for all types of tourists, yes for the foodies as well.

Where to Eat: Candolim, Miramar Beach, Santa Cruz, Mapusa Friday Market, Ponda, Ritz Classic for seafood.

5. Gangtok… Savor the Taste of North India

Craving for food? Take a U-turn to North India, famous for its ultimate cuisine, North India is the birthplace of Momos and many other delicious food items. Gangtok is one of the most visited places in India for its vibrant and flavorsome food. If you are foodies who live for food then here it is the best place to explore the delicacies of India. From Momo to Thukpa and other flavorous food items, your tummy will experience heavenly moments here in Gangtok. 

Where to Eat: Phagshapa, Churrpi, Thukpa, Sel Roti, Taste of Tibet, Shuffle Momos, Roll House, and Don’t forget exploring monasteries. 
These are some of the best food cities in India where you can experience the amazing taste of India. From vibrant spices, flavors to cooking techniques, India is the land of spices where the flavors meet tradition. If you are on a food tour in India then here are some of the most lovely food cities to explore in India – Foodies on wheels: best food cities in India for street food.

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