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Top 6 Most Scenic Train Rides in The World For Most Astonishing Journeys

most scenic train rides in the world

How old were you at the time of your first train journey? Whether it’s 8 or 9, we can lay a bet that you’ve experienced the loveliest trip ever. Though it cannot beat the convenience of aviation, astonishing routes and picturesque scenery are probably the most featured thing of joy to be experienced during train rides. 

In this world of convenience, there is a generation who still loves travelling via train. We are here with a list packed of top 6 most scenic train rides in the world that you must try at least once in your lifetime. Get ready with your bags to explore the world ranges from snow-capped peaks and orange-hued sand dunes. Here are some offshore yet beautiful train journeys in the world connecting to the wonderland. 

1. Glacier Express, Switzerland

Connecting two of the most picturesque mountain resorts in Switzerland, Zermatt and St Moritz, the Glacier Express is perhaps the most relaxing and beautiful train rides in the world. Approaching snow laden peaks of the Swiss Alps, it passes through 91 tunnels and 291 bridges overlooking pristine mountain lakes and revolving around the Alpine meadows in Switzerland. This ride includes sightseeing to some iconic tourist places in Switzerland. 

Highlight: Train route includes Oberalp Pass, the highest snow-capped mountain peak at the altitude of  6706 feet.

2. Rocky Mountaineer, Canada

Passing by all the picturesque landscapes of southern British Columbia connecting Vancouver and Banff, Rocky Mountaineer’s first journey to the west is extremely astonishing, and of course, includes the most beautiful landscapes and meadows in Canada. You can also enjoy mouthwatering food served on the train by GoldLeaf. So, there is no match for this scenic train ride in the world that serves food along with sightseeing some grace of natural elements on the planet. 

Highlight: ‘The Bachelorette’ 2009 was filmed on the train.

3. TranzAlpine, New Zealand

From the city of gardens, Christchurch to the lush green meadows of Greymouth, TranzAlpine is the most preferred choice of tourist in New Zealand. This astonishing train ride covers some of the most stunning landscapes and scenery in New Zealand. It passes through Waimakariri River and Arthur’s Pass National Park and reaches the historic gold mine of Greymouth that is absolutely beautiful. 

Highlight: It undergoes the Otira Rail Tunnel that is the most amazing part of this scenic train ride in New Zealand.

4. The Royal Scotsman, Scotland

Do you wonder why it’s name “The Royal Scotsman” well you cannot expect this train to be rugged and historically designed antique-piece because this 36-passenger train designed luxury as the interior and exterior are absolutely fine with a wooden decor finishing. It passes through tranquil lochs & glens, ancient castles, babbling streams and green lush, pristine countryside meadows that make it a vintage train ride in the world. 

Highlight: You can rent a trailer-made kilt to wear during the passage. This is the best part about this train ride. 

5. The Ghan, Australia

Australia’s most awe-inspiring experiences, this is one of the most scenic train rides for sure. It covers some of the enchanting and engrossing tourist places in Australia during its 1,845 mile passage that covers in three days & two nights. So, of course it is a long journey, but you won’t feel the time as the train undergoes some of the most vintage tunnels and crosses historic bridges overlooking pace rivers. Passing through the Flinders Ranges while reaching towards the heart of Red Centre, the train takes a pause for 4 hours at both Alice Springs and Katherine for sightseeing. 

Highlight: The name ‘The Ghan’ is inspired by Afghani cameleers who came here in the 80’s. 

6. The Himalayan Queen, India

With over 50 scenic train rides, Indian Railways offers an astonishing ride of “The Himalayan Queen ” world’s most beautiful and scenic train rides in the world. It passes through soundless tunnels and over the vintage bridges. Covering thousands of scenic tourist places in Shimla, India, The Kalka-Shimla Train route is India’s only UNESCO Heritage train route. Being a 2.6-feet Narrow-gauge railway line, it covers a 96km route full of thrill yet stunning scenery. 

Highlight: It covers 102 tunnels, 864 bridges and 919 stunning curves, hence called the most scenic train rides in the world.

These are the top 6 most engrossing train rides in the world that passes through the most scenic tourist places in the world. Surpassing the leisure and convenience of airplanes, these train journeys will cast your mind back to your childhood days when travelling via trail was the only wish of every child. So, get ready to experience the loveliest train journey through the most scenic landscapes in the world.  

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