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Step-by-Step Guide: How to Visit Statue of Liberty

How to Visit the Statue of Liberty

If you are visiting New York City for the first time, you better learn how to visit Statue of Liberty. You are gonna need this a lot. One among the most taken NYC tours, visiting the “Statue of Liberty” is an exceptional adventure.

Among numerous popular attractions in the United State of America, the Statue of Liberty is probably on everyone’s must-see list – and it should be – after all it is the iconic landmark of the United States. 

Measuring 152 feet from the base to the tip of the torch, this historical monument attracts tourists from all over the world with its size and powerful symbolism. Formerly revered as the monumental greeting, there is a lot to experience. But how can you make the best of your visit without the proper guide? 

Visiting an unknown place, especially to explore one of the popular wonders of the world that resides beside another popular attraction “Ellis Island” is typically tough. Especially in the summer, when visiting the Statue of Liberty means a long wait for the ferry. But with these insider tips and advice that mainly include how to visit Statue of Liberty and tips to visit the Statue of Liberty, you can save your time and make the most of your visit to the Statue of Liberty.

How to Visit Statue of Liberty?

To explore the maximum experience at the Statue of Liberty at the short turnaround time, it is important to consider the best time and how to visit Statue of Liberty. The monument has two islands, one is Liberty, where the statue is situated, and another is Ellis Island. The only way to travel to the monument is a ferry operated by a company authorized by the National Park Services. There are two embarkation points of the ferry – one in New Jersey and the second in Manhattan. 

10 Unknown Tips to Visit the Statue of Liberty

1. Consider the Best Time to Visit Statue of Liberty

If you don’t want to be a part of a long queue and are curious to explore the Statue with interruption, consider visiting the Statue of Liberty in the Autumn and Winter season. Also, consider visiting weekdays and weekend mornings for shorter lines and less crowd. This would be the best time to visit the Statue of Liberty successful trip. This is one of the best tips to visit the Statue of Liberty.

2. Pre-book The Ticket

Regardless of your visiting time, booking your tickets in advance is the best way to save time and avoid crowds. Being the most popular attraction in the world, lines for the ferry to Liberty are long. You can skip the ticket line and head straight to security if you pre-book the ticket. Tickets are time-sensitive, so make sure to buy the right ticket for your visit and keep in mind the 24-hour cancelling/rescheduling option if you need so. 

3. Get Enough Time For Quintessential Visit

If you want to make the most of your trip, we would like to suggest you visit both popular attractions of New York City – the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Take at least 6-7 hours from your day for leisure yet unimaginable trip. Also, consider arriving 2 hours prior to the department to ensure timely arrival and not to miss the ferry. 

4. Get Prepared For Picnic

There is plenty of space for enjoying a picnic lunch amid crystal blue water and a cold breeze on Liberty Island. You should get there with enough time and pre-book your ticket to avoid the long lines at the ticket center so that you can invest your time in enjoying the beauty of New York City from this entrancing place.

5. Climb Stairs To Statue’s Crown

The ferries and Liberty Island are completely accessible, but if you’re ambitious to visit the Statue’s crown, there are series of steps that will take you to different parts of the Statue. 16 steps leading into the crowd, 146 steps up a winding staircase, and another 44 steps will take you to the double spiral staircase. To visit the crown, you’ll need a reservation to access it. So make sure to get the reservation when booking Statue of Liberty tickets. Once you reach the top, you won’t be able to make the decision on the spot. 

6. Get Proper Sun Protection

If you want to enjoy the visit in full, taking proper sun protection is one of the ideal tips to visit the Statue of Liberty. The weather at the Statue of Liberty is warm and bright and there isn’t a lot of shade to prevent sun and even the breeze of the ferry, which can easily get you sunburn. If you’re making the trek up to Statue’s Crown and plan for a picnic over Liberty Island you should bring a water bottle and use sun protecting options such as Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Hat, etc. There is no climate control inside the Statue, so it can be typically warm inside the monument and probably you have to wear a jacket in winter. 

7. Take A Free Tour

This would be one of the best tips to visit the Statue of Liberty as it offers you a free tour. Okay, Wait! Let us tell you about this in detail. There are free ranger-led tours of Liberty Island that are offered daily, departing a tour from Flagpole Island that lasts roughly 30-45 minutes. This tour welcomes every age group and covers everything about the Statue of Liberty.

8. See The Original Torch Of Statue of Liberty

Only visitors with pedestal and crown access tickets can visit the Statue of Liberty Museum that gives them a chance to see the original torch. The museum isn’t very large but offers great things to get insight into the history of the Statue and excitement around it. So don’t miss the chance to see the original torch and get the Statue of Liberty tickets including crown access so that you can visit the museum.

9. Hire A Locker

Only small purses and camera bags are allowed inside the monument. So keep your other expensive belongings in a locker before entering the Statue of Liberty. And do not try to hide anything because you will be inspected. You can get a locker easily at Liberty Island gift shop for $ 2 for 2 hours.

10. Know Where To Go

There are restrooms on the ferry, Liberty Island, and Ellis Island as well. You can reach there after a bit of a walk, so need not worry if you and your little ones want to go in case of an emergency.  

While visiting the Statue of Liberty, taking these tips and advice into account will save your time and enable you to experience more than expected. Before planning your trip, browsing how to visit Statue of Liberty will help with the appropriate option. This guide will help you with the appropriate guidance that you need to reach your destination at ease.

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