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10 Latest Travel Announcements From The Countries On Green List

Latest Travel Announcements From The Countries On Green List

The surge of the Delta Variant of Covid-19 has pushed the world’s leading travel countries to extend the travel restrictions for summer travel. 

Here are last week’s ten biggest travel happenings around the world. See how world travel is shaping amid the rise of the delta variant of coronavirus.

#1 China Unbars The First University Studio Theme Park in Beijing

Consisting of seven themed islands and 37 amusement rides,  this will be the world’s fifth “Universal Studios Theme Park” in Beijing.

#2 CDC adds 7 countries to “Very High Covid-19 Travel” risk list

Switzerland and Puerto Rico are at the top of the list of highest-risk travel destinations. The other countries are Azerbaijan, Estonia, Guam, North Macedonia, and Saint Lucia.

#3 India’s Massacre Memorial at Jallianwala Bagh Marked as A Historical Monument

Prime Minister Narender Modi inaugurated the restored historic memorial known for the horrific event on April 13, 1919.

#4 Fastest Roller Coaster In Japan Shuts For An Injury Investigation

Fuji-Q, a roller coaster in Japan that is capable of reaching a speed of up to 112 miles per hour, is down for an investigation regarding injuries sustained by the passengers.

#5 CDC Moved Six Caribbean Countries To “High-Risk Covid-19 Travel” List

The Bahamas and Morocco are the riskiest destinations to travel to amid the surging cases of the Covid-19 delta variant. Other countries are Haiti, Kosovo, Lebanon, Sint Maarten.

#6 American Airlines Won’t Serve Alcohol In Flights Until 2022

The airline says that the move will improve the safety on flights and limit the spread of covid-19 and unruly passenger behaviour.

#7 Israel To Reopen For The Small Groups Of Tourists

Amid the surge of covid-19, Israel is planning to reopen for groups of 5-30 tourists. All the members must be fully vaccinated, the tourism ministry said.

#8 Major US Cities Are Mandating Vaccines From Coast To Coast

US government to introduce vaccine mandates for all indoor activities in the major cities. San Francisco becomes the test centre for this move.

#9 Canada Mandated Fully Vaccinated Certificate for Air Travel

Canada mandated vaccination certified for all commercial air, rail or large ship passengers. It will continue until the end of October.

#10 Intractable Air Passengers Will Be Fined $500,000 In New Rules

On Thursday, the US Federal Aviation Authority proposed a fine of up to $500,000 against rule-breaking air passengers in the United States.

The “Green List” is yet to be released. We will soon cover the countries on the Red List and Amber List.

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