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Finding Hidden Gems: Top 5 Least Visited Places In India To Explore

5 least visited tourist places in india

The holiday season is about to hit the backpackers soon and the best way to discover yourself is exploring nature. This is why India never turns off for its most passionate travelers as thousands of offbeat tourist places are here in India. From snow capped mountains to covering engaging mirages set amid miles-long deserts, offering a diverse range of activities including sand dunes and desert camping. Just a step ahead from the list of the best tourist places in India to visit in 2020, we are enlisting some of the less-crowded and least visited holiday destinations in India to explore this season. You can spend some quality time there, either alone or accompany your beloved to make your journey pleasurable. 

Check out some of the most beautiful but least visited tourist places in India to bring an extraordinary experience to your travelogue. Get set, go to a journey that lasts forever, even after in memories. Top 5 stunning secret tourist places in India to explore should be on your itinerary before your next trip—

1. Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh

Encircled with numerous pine hills and rice fields, Ziro is a quaint place located secretly in Arunachal Pradesh. This heavenly place is best known for its ApaTani Tribe and famous for serene landscapes. Due to its  remote destinations, surrounded by some of the most beautiful sceneries in North East, this is the least visited tourist place in India. You can polish your photography skills by capturing award-winning nature pictures here and experience the best of your life by exploring the solace while wandering through the meadows, ponds and towering mountains.

2. Meghamalai, Tamilnadu

If I refer to this place as a hidden paradise, then I am not wrong because Meghamalai owns some of the most engaging and serene tourist destinations in India where one can even forget himself. Located at 4,500 feet above sea level in Tamil Nadu, this place is best known for its picturesque ‘Cloud landfalls’ where one experiences something like never before. Neighboring Westen Tamil ghats Meghamalai is just perfect for weekend travelers. Apart from its appealing waterfalls and landscapes, this place is decorated beautifully with the senses of nature to be in your memory forever. A major exporter of cardamom, cinnamon, and pepper, Meghamalai is just perfect to meet all your travel expectations.

3. Talsari, Odisha

How much do you love seafood? Well, this small village is just a last stop to satisfy all your cravings, whether it’s to savor some of the most delicious seafood or else. Located on the map as the heaven of fishers, this is one of the least visited mean virgin beaches in India, where to go this season to explore the real joy of the journey. Just untouched and unspoiled, Talsari lies on the south west coast of Odisha and has all the essential things to make your trip wonderful.  No city lights, the crowd or anything to disturb your mind, this small seaside village is just perfect to give a sharp turn to your vacation.

4. Maravanthe, Karnataka

No, this is not an exotic place. This stunning abandoned destination lies on the coast of Maravanthe, Karnataka and is all set to be on the good pages of your travel book. Crystal clear water bodies for the relaxation of the body and mind of the people along with a narrow road neighboring the beach and river on the other side is just perfect to give an auspicious look to your journey. If you have been craving to experience something like never before then this is the best and most isolated place in India to go after. Just a weekend trip to this will leave you speechless and will be etched in your mind forever.

5. Nubra Valley, Jammu & Kashmir

It feels that time doesn’t work here because the century old grace of this remote place is still the same or ever increased. Developed through ripping off a scenery of ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’ Nubra Valley is as perfect as nothing else around the world, but still it is untouched, but it’s time to let the world know about this engaging and stunning tourist place in India to explore. If you have always desired to walk through the most isolated place, then this is the same where you cannot resist to go. Just a mesmerizing beauty to grab off your dreams. It is slightly hard to peel off the memory of hiking on the natural trails over the grounds of Jammu & Kashmir — called the heaven of the earth.

So, when would you be packing up your bags to go off to the most isolated and least visited tourist place in India. Kasol, Rishikesh, Goa, these tourist destinations are running full of thousands of visitors everyday while these 5 remote places are best for the people looking for solace with fun and pleasure of travelling.

Travelling is more than just a journey. Most people travel to get the fun they have been lacking in their life while others opt for this to add an essential part of their life and we find out the most beautiful holiday destinations to keep such people alive even when they die. 

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