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A Detailed Hampta Pass Trek Guide, 2021: What Makes It Heaven for Trekkers

a detailed hampta pass trek guide

Going through the mesmerizing Kullu valleys and tree-lined roads to Lahaul, Hampta Pass is called the heaven for Trekkers. En route your travel plan from Manali to Leh through various offbeat destinations, the Hampta Pass trek offers a range of activities, breathtaking trails, picturesque scenery and fascinating things-to-do for all ages of tourists. Featuring the admirable grace of nature along with rare sightings of the Himalayan birds and flowers such as orchids, ward’s Trogon and Western Tragopan, this is an outstanding trek that is truly spellbinding. 

Beginning from the lap of Manali’s astonishing altitude of 14, 100 feet above the sea level, this trek is designed to fill your journey with countless surprising experiences along with turning your way towards serene alpine forests and snow capped glaciers coming towards the Hampta Pass neighbouring the mysterious Chandratal lake. This thrilling Hampta Pass trekking experience will take your breaths away. 

Bringing extraordinary, remarkable sight of rare Himalayan birds, flora and astounding quaint landscapes followed by rock-strewn tree-lined streets through the dense alpine forests, glacial lakes, breathtaking valleys, and paddocks, this trail is untouched and disconnected from the rest of the world. Here’s the beginner’s Hampta Pass Trek Guide 2020. Scroll down to read about the activities you can experience while walking through the serene and quaint valleys of Kullu all the way from the Himalaya.

Best Season to Plan Trekking in Hampta Pass

Nestled amid one of the widely spread Himalayan mountain ranges of Himachal Pradesh blessed with the lovely weather peeking from the snow-laden mountains in this remote tourist place in India allows the trekkers to experience fairly cool weather throughout the year. Though the best season for trekking in Hampta Pass is June to September as the weather remains perfect and suitable for trekking through the high altitude places. The temperature goes neither too low nor so high therefore it’s just perfect for all types of travellers to plan their expedition during these months. Camping and Hiking in Hampta Pass is Nirvana for the tourists and they don’t feel to be here until it’s done. 

How To Reach

The starting point of this thrilling and adventurous trekking will be Manali. One can easily reach Manali by road, rail and air. The nearest airport Bhuntar is located around 52 kms from Manali, connected through taxi and other transportation services. Direct flights for Bhuntar are available from all major Indian cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh and Bengaluru. If you don’t want to skip a single beat of the tree-covered long curvy roads, then you can travel by road otherwise the railway line lays 166 kms from Manali to Joginder Nagar Station. Although flights and taxis or buses are the most convenient way to reach your picturesque destination.

Where to Set Base Camp

This outstanding journey starts from the city of Manali passing through numerous astonishing nature stations en route to ‘Balu Ka Ghera’ that is famous for the rumors of brown bears said to hibernate here during winters. The place is also known as ‘Heaps of Sand’ because of the barren sand and magical dusts in the air. Settled at an elevation of 11,900 feet from sea level, this place offers an irregular sight of the Dhauladhar mountains that is one of the most beautiful and picturesque mountain ranges among the Himalayan mountain range across Himachal Pradesh. Here your base camps will be set amid the snow-capped mountains siding Chandratal Lake. It features stunning bridges, waterways, waterfalls, and a beautiful open sky all the way from the point to make your trekking memorable. 

Where to Go: Highest Peaks & Places

Hampta Pass and Chandratal Lake

This mind-blowing trekking experience will give you the best of your life, including a graceful sight of the beautiful Hampta Pass and Chandratal Lake. The beginning point of your expedition itself lies at the height of 2050 meters, then you will move to Jobri by the road where the thick tree-covered roads will be waiting for you to pass by. En route to Chika, an amazing tourist place in India located at 3100 meters, the trek here takes an auspicious turn towards your base camp at Balu ka Ghera that is also in the air by 3600 meters from sea level. 

Walkthrough the Hampta Pass, which stands on an awe-inspiring elevation of 4268 meters and goes to Siuagoru that lies at 4000 meters will give you an unforgettable trekking experience all the way from Himachal Pradesh. En route to Chatru at 3100 meters on the Himalayan peak, you will finally reach where the bucks stop, a mythical place called Chandratal Lake that holds its prominence at the height of 4270 meters somewhere on the head of the Himalayas. 

Permits and Camping Cost

Yes, there is a trekking permit in Hampta Pass that may include some perks & benefits as an essential part of the trekking. Please carry your ID cards and photocopies of your other identity proofs as driving licenses or voter ID cards. If you are not an Indian then do carry your visa and passport. Besides this a medical certificate tracking your fitness for the trek along with a no objection certificate and a disclaimer certificate ensuring your participation in volunteer activities is a must. 

Things to Carry While Planning for Hampta Pass Trek

Since trekking is entirely different from general trips, the planning takes more than just a few pairs of clothing and other essentials. Here is the list of things to pack while planning a trek to Hampta Pass.

1. Clothing

  • Sweatshirts
  • Full Sleeves Thick Jacket
  • Track Pants (Synthetic)
  • Full Sleeves Tees
  • Thermals
  • Woolen Caps and Face Covers
  • Hand Gloves
  • Woolen Muffler
  • Towel
  • Personal Belongings

2. Footwears

  • Trekking Dedicate Shoes
  • Sport Socks
  • Lower Thermals
  • Gumboots with Spikes

3. Skin Care & Medicine Essentials

  • UV Protection Sunglasses
  • Lip Balm
  • Winter Cream
  • Sunscreen Body Lotion
  • Moisturizers
  • Crocin
  • ORS
  • First Aid Kit having Betadine, Antiseptic Cream, Volini and instant sprain kits.

4. Other Essentials

  • LED Torch
  • Thermal Water Bottle
  • Trekking Bags
  • Trekking Tents and Poles

Major Tourist Attractions Enroute to Hampta Pass Trekking

  • Manali: Situated amid the Himalayan mountain range this is the best place where the true bag packers go.
  • Chika: After crossing several sharp turns on the way from Manali, the route to reach here is astonishing and surrounded by deodar and oak forests. 
  • Balu Ka Ghera: Famous for the brown bears hibernating, this place is also known as ‘Heaps of Sand’.
  • Hampta Pass: Situated at the elevation of 4268 meters from the sea level, it will become your majestic destination to explore on the whole journey. 
  • Chandratal Lake: A picturesque travel destination amid the peaks of the Himalayas, it is located in the Spiti Valley known for its enraptured and bewitching scenes and sightings of the rare birds and flora.

This is all that you need to know before starting a trip to Hampta Pass. From transportation to accommodation, we have ensured that you could at least save the money spent over tourist guides.

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