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10 Best Places To Visit In Japan – Time To Explore More

best places to visit in japan

So, it is time to take you on a tour of Japan. While prominent for technology, it has various outstanding places to visit in Japan which are worth visiting. From mountains to lakes to neon-painted cities to alluring buildings to bamboo forests, it is a unique place which is easily accessible from just anywhere in the world. Alongside, it is the country that is easy to travel from one place to another because of its famous bullet trains- among the fastest trains in the world.

Beside this, Japan has too much to offer. Tranquil bamboo forests, serene temples, food counters, public transport systems are the things to observe in Japan. Surprisingly, Japan is a less expensive country than many other major destinations. When it comes to traveling from one place to another, most people find themself puzzled about how to travel. But Japan has convenient public transport, which are not even feasible but they are also safe, cost-effective and comfortable.

Always popular with its technology, it can offer much more than that. Most importantly, it will be a centre of attraction for millions of people from the different countries as it is going to host the Olympic Games in 2020. 

Above all, food is incredible here, discovery is endless, travelling prices are cost-effective along with various best places to visit japan.

But while planning for the trip to visit japan, a question might hit your mind where to go in japan because Japan has much to offer.

We have a solution for your puzzled mind. We have picked some best places to visit in japan. Whether you’re visiting for the first time or second, with your spouse or family, a corporate visit or visiting with a group of friends, Japan has no less in offering astounding places .

1. Tokyo- the capital city of Japan

With the mixture of the traditional and modern life, Tokyo is one of the most visited destinations in the country. Besides its traditional culture, it has plenty of things to do in the city like Tokyo. You can enjoy mouthwatering dishes in top-notch restaurants offering different international cuisines such as Italians, Chinese, French and many more. 

Things to focus – The mix culture of traditional and modern life

2. Kyoto- best place to visit in japan

If you haveset your mind to explore Japan deeply then make Kyoto your signature destination and after Tokyo. This city will tell you Japan has cultural nature also. We have no doubt in saying that you’ll definitely be lost in wooden teahouses, forests of bamboo, temples and shrines in gold and silver and scarlet, ranked gravel zen gardens, intricate feasts served on lacquered plates, graceful tea ceremonies and the market full of alluring things. 

Things to focus – temples and gardens

3. Naoshima place for the art lovers

If you’re a contemporary art lover, then this place is definitely for you. Nioshima is an island in the Seto Inland sea, basically known for its numerous modern art galleries, museums, architecture and outdoor sculptures. The best part is- many of these are designed by the most famous architect Ando Tandao.

Things to focus– contemporary arts and sculpture

4. Nikko- best place surrounded by nature

Nestled against the mountains, surrounded by nature, it is one of the cultural spots in Japan. It has many attractions to take a close look at and traditional structures situated alongside mountains, lakes, waterfalls and hot springs attract a number of tourists. While visiting Nikko, make sure to visit nearby Edo Wonderland. This is a theme park offering a beautiful view when its trees display vivid shades of different hues such as yellow, green, red and orange. In total, you’ll discover temples and shrines in Nikko including world-renowned sites like Toshogu Shrine and Rinnoji Temple.

Things to focus – a theme park, mountains, lakes, waterfalls

5. Hakone- most romantic palace of Japan

If you have visited Japan with your spouse then it would be the most romantic place. This is considered as the most popular destination because of its great and alluring views. And if the weather is on your side then it will double the romance of your partner. A trip to Hakone can be both a great day trip and an overnight destination as well. Hakona is fun to visit because it is a combination of various exciting things like cloudy weather, drizzly day, different modes of transport like bus, train, pirate boat (most exciting), and cable car. 

Things to focus-  A ride of private boat and cable car

6. Hitsujiyama Park- most peaceful place to visit

Japan is the cool place to visit and Hitsujiyama Park is one of the peaceful best places to visit in Japan because of its rich gardens which offer colorful flowers. Just look at those flowers! They will make your day by offering a picturesque view. To take an outstanding view of Japan, visiting during the cherry blossom season is a must. The park has over 4,00,000 trees of nine different varieties offering a perfect view of pink, red, white, violete etc to behold. 

Things to focus- A view of a rich garden and colorful garden.

7. Osaka- best place to shop

If you have visited Japan and skipped Osaka then you have surely missed a major thing to do in japan. The major attraction of Osaka is shopping. Dotombori and Shinaibashi are two shopping areas in southern Osaka. There is a lot to do in Osaka like phenomenal street food for vegetarian and nonvegetarian both, other fun things like Glico Sign, the major landmark and symbol of the Dotombori and many more.

If you want to visit some religious temple then Tennoji is another key area of Osaka. The popular Shitenno-ji temple (temple of four heavenly kings) is the major attraction of Osaka.

Things to focus – fill your shopping bag with some unique things.

8. Hiroshima- place to pay some respect to the victims of the atomic bomb

There are fewer people who are unaware of the fact behind Hiroshima. And if not aware, let’s take you to history. Unfortunately, Hiroshima is known throughout the world for the being first victim of horrific atomic bombings in the year 1945. So, there is no excuse to miss this city when you are planning a visit to Japan. But today, Hiroshima is the city of peace, with various things to explore such as monuments and memorials like the peace memorial park, the children’s peace monument and the UNESCO-certified Atomic Bomb Dome.

Alongside, this city offers great beauty. Tourists can witness a scenic stroll through Shukkeien Garden and explore the museum of contemporary art.

Things to focus- Monuments and Memorials

9. Okayama- great place to visit in Japan

If you are a die hard fan of nature then this is the best place to visit in Japan. The city is home to various best gardens in the country. The place attracts most visitors in the season of sakura when the beauty of the garden touches the sky and one can enjoy the cherry blossoms in peace. You can share some quality time with your loved one under the shadow of the trees and aroma of flowers.

As the destination is located on the bullet train line, it is more feasible and affordable to approach. In addition, you can also enjoy a bike trip there. 

Things to focus- Beauty of Sakura season and cherry blossoms 

10. Kawaguchiko- One of the places to visit in Japan

When you are planning a trip to Japan, experiencing a little bit of everything such as history, city and nature is a must. Kawaguchiko has variety to explore, from the mount fuji view to the lakeside, you can witness many things here. One can enjoy the views by cycling around the lake or a trip on cable car or boat is the ideal idea to behold the enchanting view.

Rather than taking a quick view on the cycle, you can spend a full day between the mountains and lake. Above all, the local cuisine of the Kawaguchiko doubles the joy of the trip.

Things to focus- A view of Mount Fuji and the lake.

For sure, these reviews can set your mind to make a trip to japan. Japan has numerous things to offer. These are our picks for the absolute best places to visit in Japan, perfect for your budget and feasible for the first visit.

So pack your bags and take a trip to Japan to unwind yourself. 

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