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Mahabaleshwar- The Land Of God Also Offers Other Captivating Views

Mahabaleshwar the land of god

Mahabaleshwar is the prominent hill station offering a plethora of tourist attractions to avid travelers, nature lovers, and adventure seekers. Nestled among the Sahyadri Mountain Ranges, there are myriad spellbinding places that take the breath of the tourists with it beauty. Who knows, Mahabaleshwar was once the capital of Bombay during the British Raj, the city has British influence which is reflected in its architecture. Predominantly, Mahabaleshwar is known for its alluring beauty, panoramic hills, and salubrious weather.  Having umpteen places to visit, Mahabaleshwar is the king in offering an unforgettable trip to the tourists. Let’s discuss its attraction points in detail.

1- Lord Mahabaleshwar Temple

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As the name suggests, this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, located in the old city 6 km far from the city of Mahabaleshwar. The main and significant attraction of the temple is its 6 feet long Shiva Lingam. This spiritual is depicting the stone incarnation of lord shiva. The temple is surrounded by tourists & devotees through the year in search of serenity. Most importantly, this temple is mainly popular in Hindu’s a Lord Shiva is the presiding deity here. This temple was built by the Chanda Rao More dynasty in the 16th century and one of the ancient temples of Maharashtra. The main and significant attraction of the temple is its 6 feet long Shiva Lingam of which tip is visible. This spiritual is depicting the stone incarnation of lord shiva.

2- Venna Lake

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Venna Lake is one of the most prominent and fascinating tourist attractions in Mahabaleshwar. It is interesting to know that Venna Lake is not a natural lake as it is a man-made lake and was constructed by Chhatrapati Shri Appasaheb Maharaja in 1942. The fact behind constructing the lake was to cater to the water needs in Mahabaleshwar. Moreover, it has one or two submerged places of pilgrimage. It has an area of about 28 acres which is surrounded by lush greenery. Boating in the lake draws thousands of tourist attention. Apart from the boating fun, kids can have fun with horse rides, mini train ride, and entertainment equipment.

3-Pratapgad Fort

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If you do not want to miss a single chance to experience the Mahabaleshwar entirely then Pratapgard fort caters your desires. It is the hill fort in Maharashtra, situated at the height of 3500 feet from the ground level. The pride of the fort is still intact. Four lakes within the fort are enhancing the beauty of the fort and few of them overflow during the heavy rainfall. Also, there is a Bhawani temple at the top of the fort and a library showcasing the heritage of the fort. These attributes of the fort pull tourists’ attention not only towards Pratapgad but also a force to visit other attractions of the Mahabaleshwar.

4- Elephant’s Head Point

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As the name suggests, a piece of rock resembles the shape of an elephant‘s head. It is the major attraction point in Mahabaleshwar that holds the abundant of peace and beauty. The rock is naturally formed in the way that it clearly reflects the face of the elephant along with trunk. This place is quite popular to visit and an ideal picnic spot as it has fresh air, mesmerizing weather and scenic beauty at the top of the hills. If you are keen for peace and calm place with stupendous views then nothing can beat the elephant’s head point.

5- Mini Kashmir or Tapola

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 Tapola, famed as ‘Mini Kashmir’, is basically is a satellite village where nature has been very generous. The major attribute of this place is picturesque scenic beauty which makes it a worthy destination to experience nature from closely. This destination will surely take you to the height of enjoyment. Also, this place offers many unknown forests around the lake like Vasota and Jaygad which will be surely an adventure in its own way.

Mini Kashmir doesn’t end here as it offers countless forts and forests where you can capture a magnificent bird’s eye view of the entire region.

6- Lodwick Point

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Lodwick point was first known as Sydney point, situated 5 Km west of the Mahabaleshwar bus stand. The fact behind this point – it was rechristened in the honor of general Lodwick, first British officer to climb the hill in April 1824. This vantage point offers a matchless view of few attractions of Mahabaleshwar like Pratapgad and Elphinstone point. A huge statute of Lodwick is the main attraction point of this place and attracts tourists from the different parts of the country.

7- Lingamala Falls

Lingamala Falls
Lingamala Falls

Lingamala falls is the combination of forest and waterfalls that gives a breathtaking experience. To witness lingamala falls, one has to walk through the forest and follow a trudged trail to reach a peak point. If you are a nature lover then this place is definitely for you. This will give you amidst natural beauty, a great picnic spot and magnificent photography. Between July and December, this place reaches on its pinnacle which is the best time to visit and could be a reason to become the most visited spot in Mahabaleshwar.

The waterfalls provide a charming view of the Dhobi waterfalls and Chinaman’s waterfalls as well. And, if we talk about the water level of this waterfall then it is around 500 feet from the cliff. A trip to Mahabaleshwar is incomplete if you have not visited this place.

8- Dhobi Waterfalls

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This fascinating waterfall is a must to visit during your trip to Mahabaleshwar and the most interesting fact behind this is, it is located right between the lush greenery and rocks which is an astounding view. The waterfall from the waterfall goes into the valley and later it joins the Koyna River. Witnessing this matchless place from your eyes is a must as the beauty of this region is worthless to describe in words. Monsoon season is the peak time to beholding this waterfall because heavy rainfalls turn this into even more beautiful. If you want to enjoy this place then visit here during the monsoon place is the right time. Moreover, this place is also a romantic gateway to visit with your partner.

9- Parsi Point

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Located at the distance of 2 km from the Panchgani bus stand, the Parsi point is one of the scenic viewpoints among the other attractions of Mahabaleshwar. Parsi name is originated from the Parsi community as it was a once-famous visiting spot for them. It could be a favorite picnic spot for families and friends because of the games that are organized here. This point renders numerous memorable views like a panoramic view of lush green and crystal sky-blue waters.  The best suited time to visit here and for landscape photography is during the sunset/sunrise time.

10- Bombay Point

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Bombay point is better known for sunset point and this made it one of the tourist attraction points of the Mahabaleshwar. To have a look at sunset is one of the most demanding views among tourists and this point caters to the demand of the tourists. This point renders a scenic view where you can capture the different posture of the sun setting. This place also offers a lovers point in its left that would be a great place for couples. This point is known as Bombay’s point because of being located on the prior road to Mumbai. Furthermore, it does not end here as it also offers a captivating view of other attractions like Pratapgarh, Makrandgad, and Sahyadri range.

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