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Top 10 Most Spellbinding Places For Stargazing And Admire The Night Sky

most spellbinding places for night sky

Many of us, especially the millenials have not admired the night sky because city lights, pollution, street lights and even porth lights have dimmed the starlight for decades. We have forgotten how beautiful and magical the world seems with the sky full of stars, how the shooting stars linked to our fortune and how the endless royal blue sky gets fit in our eyes during stargazing. 

We’ve been missed so much while residing in luxury but polluted and unserene, agitated metropolitan cities. We have luxuries, but we are restricted to live underneath this gloomy sky that doesn’t seem to have stars or moon. If you’re one among the thousands of passionate astronomers hunting for remote places to take a glimpse into starry sky, then we have put together the top 10 most engrossing places for stargazing. In association with The International Dark-sky Association, we are promoting and urging people to preserve night time darkness because darkness is the world of wild animals and stargazers. See our pick of the most beautiful places in the world for admiring the night sky.

1. La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Set in the background of the Arenal Volcano in Northwestern Costa Rica, in the lap of the most active volcano in the world, La Fortuna is the best place for stargazing with an encashing background of bright orange-colored lava fountain. It enables stargazer gauge through the most beautiful night sky paired with brightly shining stars. 

2. Grassland National Park, Canada

Though the most stargazers and adventure seekers head towards the west block of Grassland National Park but the east block is much better and darker, hence an ideal place to admire the night sky amid the breezes consisting of aroma of lilies around the lake. Land here for admiring a sky packed with countless stars and Milky Ways. 

3. Poloniny Dark-sky Park, Slovakia

You cannot explore the real side of the world without putting eastern Slovakia on your bucket list of best places for stargazing and it should be only The Poloniny Dark-sky Park. This is known as the darkest place in Europe, perfect for stargazing and admiring night sky.

4. Death Valley National Park, United States

One of the scariest places on the earth, Death Valley offers a range of surprises including this stargazing site amid the darkest places in the world. Roughly 200 kilometres away from Las Vegas wicked lifestyle, Death Valley National Park homes to some of the most gloomy yet beautiful darkest nights in the world. 

5. Kiruna, Sweden

On its way to become the first place to promote space tourism in the world, Kiruna is the best place for spending some leisure hours underneath the starry sky. It is almost 200 km from the northern Arctic Circle and it’s magical Aurora Borealis make it the best place for admiring the night sky. 

6. Tuscany, Italy

It seems like an imagination of an artist and art of a painter who was high and crafted this iconic dreamly land through his off-world imaginations. There is no wonder in saying that it is the most beautiful place for admiring the night sky, but this is more popular for its moon’s surface and you can admire the grace of Jupiter’s moon and sunspots here. 

7. NamibRand Nature Reserve, Namibia

Lies on the corner of the world, Namibia is entirely different from the rest of the world. You can head to the NamibRand Nature Reserves, of the Largest Reserves in Africa packed with mountains, sand dunes and a range of nightlife activities including stargazing. It’s pretty cool to stare at the starful sky from any of its mountain peaks. 

8. County Kerry, Ireland

Whether you are a professional stargazer or do is just an abandoned hobby, travelling to Southwest Ireland will reveal an unseen paradise for you. Lies at a remote location, Kerry International Dark Sky Reserve will expose the true delight of exploring night sky. Encircled by the Atlantic Ocean and bordering some of the major cities, this is the best place for stargazing in the world where you should move. 

9. Jasper National Park, Canada

Here’s another majectic place from the mesmerising world of Canada, popular around the world for it’s embracing picturesque sceneries. Famous for it’s spellbinding landscapes, it lies amid the serene locations in the world. It continues to be on the list of most popular stargazing places in the world. Here you will explore the wonders of dark. 

10. Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

South Island of New Zealand has been an exciting yet outlandish place for the explorers. Famous for plenty of dark delights, this island counts in the most expensive place for stargazing. Also, you can walk through the Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve to explore the hidden world of the village of Lake Tekapo. It’s a popular place among Astro-tourists for it’s darkest nights. 

These are the most enchanting and awe-inspiring places for stargazing. Surrounded by quaint yet scenic landscapes and tranquillity, these are some of the most flexible and remote destinations best for a romantic and adventure trip. You will start admiring the darkness as well after visiting here. So, get ready with your backpacks and stay tuned for ultimate travel ideas. 

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