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Most-Visited Places From The Epic Of Ramayana That Exist In Real Life

most visited places from the ramayana

The Epic of Ramayana is beyond what Valmiki has portrayed, it’s even beyond the world of Indian literature. It is more about the life of Rama, his excellency and endeavours. There are so many beliefs about two of the epics of India — ‘Ramayana’ and ‘Mahabharata’. Besides, what Valmiki has depicted in his poet, of course, the original text exists in a poem form.  Thousands of debates, books and historic descriptions, however, many people think it is just a mythological scene while others believe it’s true.

It’s been a long journey since the Ramayana was actually poured into pages, things are still unpredictable and, of course, serious when it comes to prove or disprove. There is nothing to be said over the haul created under the clouds of rumors, but all we can do is locate the places that have been mentioned in the Epic of Ramayana. We have made 10 entries based on the 10 places from the Epic of Ramayana that exist in real life and you can have a walk through to see the difference back and now.

Scroll down to take a Ramayana Tour in India and how far the things have changed since then.

1. Ayodhya

Earlier: It is the hometown of Lord Rama who later became prince of Ayodhya after serving a 14-years journey in exile that was given after king Darshrath in response to the request of his youngest wife kaikai. This is what all about Ayodhya is mentioned in the Epic besides the scene before the birth of Lord Rama. 

Now: Ayodhya is now a district in the Faizabad city lies in the region of Uttar Pradesh, attracts thousands of devotees every year as it’s one of the most sacred pilgrimages in Hindu religion. The number of visitors has increased after the government allowed the construction of Temper on the birthplace of Lord Rama. If you are planning a visit to this holy place then make sure to experience nirvana — the way spirituality beings.

2. Janakpur

Earlier: Famous as the birthplace of goddess Sita, Janakpur is one among the holiest places in Nepal. This is the place where Sita was married to Lord Rama during ‘Swayamvar’. It has to be said that the king of Janakpur cultivated the land to get rid of destructive drought, and it was in addition to the ploughing that he triggered upon a piece of earth and Sita emerged into it when Rama asked to prove her loyalty after returning from Sri Lanka. The place later known as Sitamarhi.

Now: It has not always been a part of Nepal, Sitamarhi is now situated in south-east of Kathmandu was a subdivision of Muzaffarpur, Bihar. This pilgrimage is located 20 km away from the Nepal border and attracts thousands of devotees every year. The place where Goddess Sita was married to Lord Rama is still here and people pay homage to both on the day of Ram Navmi. People do celebrate this day as the birthday of Lord Rama. You can explore the historic alignment and art or architecture of that era that is still reflected in the design and interior. 

3. Prayag

Earlier: Have you ever seen Ramayana? Prayag is a notable place where the trio of Rama, Sita and Laxmana crossed the way to leave their great kingdom behind. There was an Ashram of Sage Bharadwaj where they spent some days of their exile and helped people get rid of demons.

Now: Things have been changed and changed again, the place was mentioned as Prayag in Ramayan became Allahabad and now known as ‘Prayagraj’ the holy city in Uttar Pradesh which has been manifested for sacred incidents in Puranas and Vedas. This city is famous for ‘Sangam’ where millions of devotees gather for Kumbh Fair and Ganga Snan. Apart from Prayagraj is better known for the birthplace of Bollywood superstar ‘Amitabh Bachhan’ if you are roaming in the streets then don’t forget to have a visit to Banaras and Varanasi to feel the aroma of Indian culture. Kumbh fair was recorded in the genuine book of world record for the largest religious gathering on the planet. 

4. Chitrakoot

Earlier: This is the place in the plot of the Epic of Ramayana mentioned as the chapter of ‘Bharat Milap’. Here Bharat met Lord Rama to inform him about the death of King Dashrath and persuade him to come back to the kingdom. Though Rama refused to come back and then Bharat took his Slippers to Ayodhya and put it on the throne till the end of exile.

Now: In today’s terms, this place lies on the border of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh amid thousands of ancient Hindu scripture embracing dense forests. The trio spent 2 out of 14 years of exile here and constructed some of the famous temples and pilgrimage sites here. You can explore the rich Indian wildlife in which the Lord Rama survived. 

5. Dandakaranya

Earlier: This is a notable place mentioned in the plot of Ramayana in which Lord Rama came across Ravana’s sister Surpanakha and she fell in love with him. This love battle cost a nose and two brothers as Laxmana cut off her nose and Rama killed Khar and Dushan in a subsequent battle. As per the Hindu Mythology, this is in an important place in the Ramayana that is considered as a hotspot for the people practicing for demon powers. 

Now: Today the place has changed so much and become a famous tourist place in India sharing its territories with Orissa and Andhra Pradesh, this is one among the famous wildlife sanctuaries in India. You can experience an amazing Ramayana tour in India here and walkthrough Dudhsagar falls and Sula Vineyards as these are some famous places from Ramayana that exist in real life too. 

6. Panchvati

Earlier: This place is one of the most religious places from Ramayana that is also known as ‘Tapovan’. It is located in the forest of Dandakaranya, where Rama spent 4 years of his exile. Here Laxmana faces Surpanakha when she tries to stab Sita in obsession with love for Rama. This is the same place where Rama and Laxamana killed Mareecha. Ravana sent this mythical deer while abducting Sita. Here Ravana enters the plot in the body of a sage.

Now: Panchvati is now called Nasik. Here you can visit KalaRam Temple that is one of the most visited sacred sites in Panchvati. There are so many signs from the Epic of Ramayana, including Sita Gufa and Kapleshwar Temple. You can explore the places where the trio spent 4 years of their exile and the battle place between Mareecha and Rama. 


Earlier: The kingdom of apes where Rama meets the king of monkeys and accompanies him towards Lanka. Though this is an essential place mentioned in Ramayana but a few points have been given in Mahabharata of the evidence of this place in the history.

Now: The kingdom is supposed to be around the Tungabhadra river as Hampi in Karnataka that is enlist as  a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has been declining due to Volcano and soil erosion. You can connect the sites from the evidence of Ramayana.

8. Rishyamukha Parvat

Earlier: This is the place where Hanuman along with Sugriva was hiding from Vali and met Rama and Laxmana during the search of Sita. 

Now: The birth place of Lord Hanuman has now become a famous hiking place in India where you can experience numerous adventurous activities along with exploring a few sites of Ramayana.

9. Rameshwaram

Earlier: Here the war began between Rama and Ravana and the monkey army began to build a bridge called ‘Ram Setu’ to cross the sea link to reach Lanka. Also, Sita has built a Shiva Lingam here while returning after victory in Lanka.

Now: Rameshwaram is one of the famous Hindu Pilgrimages, located on the sea link near Kanyakumari, a famous sunset sighting. Besides the ancient temples and other sacred sites. You can see the floating sea link (Ram Setu) that is probably the biggest and solid evidence of Ramayana. 

These are some famous and real places from the Ramayana where you can still experience the holiness and spirituality that was in the time of Lord Rama. Rameshwaram is the biggest place to go in search of Ramayana sites. You will get an answer to your every question here and this is what makes it an Epic. 

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