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Finding Leisure: Top 10 Mind-boggling Tourist Attractions in New Zealand That You Must Visit Once

tourist attractions in new zealand

Backstage for the widely popular blockbuster “Lord of Rings” and “Avatar” movies, New Zealand is an impressive tourist place that offers a perfect blend of tranquility and modern lifestyle. Mesmerizing waterfalls to snow laden magnificent towering mountains. Here in New Zealand,  surprises and delights are packed into small streets and towns. 

Glittering caves, silvery white glaciers, world-famous rainforests, volcanoes, mountains to introduce some of the most beautiful and engaging trekking destinations in the world, tourists can walk through some of the dearest and spellbinding tourist attractions in New Zealand. You can trigger your dead dreams and add on some unforgettable experience, including fishing, boating, mountain climbing, river rafting and so on. From marshy and picturesque landscapes to adventurous activities, there are thousands of mind blowing tourist attractions in new zealand that first-time travellers must do. 

Enrapturing passionate tourists from the different countries of the world, New Zealand is an awesome country packed with thousands of impressive and enchanting tourist attractions. The list of topmost tourist places in New Zealand is actually too long to be taken down, therefore, we have made these 10 entries of the most-visited tourist attractions in New Land. Make sure these places get placed on your itinerary for a picture perfect vacation. Scroll down to walkthrough the world of delights in the lap of New Zealand set amid the staggering natural places in New Zealand.

1. Mount Cook

Starting the game of adventure with the first most-visited and captivating tourist attraction in New Zealand, Mount Cook is popular trekking destinations set amid the towering mountains over the marshy lands. Also known as Aoraki National Park, this place is widely popular among the adventure seekers around the world. This is where the legend Edmund Hillary learnt to seize victory on the heights of Mt, Everest. Breathtaking heights along with a beautiful blend of greenery will make your head skip beat. 

Wow Factor: World’s Most Bewitching Mountainous Destination for Trekking and Climbing.

2. Milford Sound

You are gonna be amazed by such a tranquil and peaceful place set amid an appealing verdure, Milford Sound is arguably an outstanding year-round place to visit in New Zealand. It is situated in the south west of South Island, New Zealand, and famous among all domestic and international tourists for it’s timeless beauty and grace.

Wow Factor: Gushing Sterling and mesmerizing waterfalls and beaches are so photogenic places here. You go for a cruise trip and also do kayaking and helicopter tours here. 

3. Lake Wanaka, South Island

From capturing extraordinary snow-laden mountains to aerial view of the breathtaking lake across the towering mountains, Wanaka is a small remote town in New Zealand where millions of crazy travellers land every year. It is a popular adventurous place in New Zealand where you can live your life like never before. It’s good to pack bags for 2-3 days to explore this little town amazingly.

Wow Factor: Skydiving, Canyoning, Hiking and Mountain Climbing are most delighted venturesome activities for daredevils like you.

4. Queenstown

Famous among the adventure seekers, this city attracts world-famous daredevils from different corners of the world. One of the popular tourist attractions in New Zealand, you won’t find anything bad about this spellbinding town while experiencing some of the most amazing adrenaline-fueled adventure sports in New Zealand.

Wow Factors: Bungee Jumping, Rafting, kayaking, Jet Boating, Paragliding, mountain climbing, and mountain biking is in the list.

5. Bay Of Islands

We can be very sure that you have not seen such an exciting and enchanting place ever before. Set amid the heights of the towering mountains, Bay of Islands is a heaven for cruise lovers. With a count of 144 little but beautiful islands in the list, this is the most captivating tourist attraction in New Zealand where to go this year.

Wow Factors: Cruising, Yachting, and don’t miss to explore the charm of the hole in the rock.

6. Fox and Franz Josef glaciers

These two are probably the most accessible glaciers in the world, attracting worldwide tourists with it’s eye catching grace and serene beauty. 6th on the list of top 10 tourist attractions in New Zealand, Fox and Franz Josef glaciers are best known for its breathtaking scene of frozen landscapes.

Wow Factors: Bagful of tranquil frozen glaciers where you can seize the best hiking experience ever.

7. Abel Tasman National Park

This is the best tourist place in New Zealand, where the dream of every hiker comes true. Walking through the most adventurous trails around the mountains with a lovely and an entrancing background of Abel Tasman National Park is enough to add charm to any picture.

Wow Factors: Rare bird sightings around the Split Apple Rock are waiting for you to experience the delight.

8. kaikoura, New Zealand

For the tracers of seafood and sea life, this heaven is situated on the South Island offers a range of wildlife fantasies including rare sightings of sperm whales and dolphin watching. You can savor the mouthwatering taste of crawfish and tantalize your taste buds with blue cod and mussels. Amazing wildlife against this enrapturing tourist attraction in New Zealand, Kaikoura is one of the best places to visit in the world.

Wow Factors: Tropicals over the rich wildlife along with tempting seafood is must to try.

9. Whakaari/ White Island

If you have been bored with trekking and mountain climbing and want to experience something like never before then here at the most-visited tourist attraction in New Zealand, you can walk through the most active volcano in the country. White island is called the paradise for it’s charming and picturesque scenes through the volcanic landscapes. 

Wow Factors: Must do scuba diving to unveil some secret graved in the depth of the ocean.

10. Waitomo glowworm caves

If you ever wished to take your beloved to a beautiful place then take her to this heavenly beautiful place located amid the serene glaciers along with a mysterious glittering light across the cave. You have never imagined to visit such an outstanding place that is illuminated by millions of natural glow worms and, of course, make it one  of the most fabulous tourist attractions in New Zealand.

Wow Factors: You can walk through the glowing caves and engrave it in your mind forever with holding hands of your beloved.

These are some of the most entrancing and astonishing tourist places in New Zealand where your heart can skip the beat at any minute. From walking through the spellbinding mount cook to exploring the local taste at Kaikoura, you will get lots of opportunities to explore some unseen sites in the world. We have found these 10 places from the list of the best tourist attractions in New Zealand, but there are so many things that we couldn’t mention here. If you think something is missing from these destinations, then let us know in the comment section.

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