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The Ultimate Guide To El Nido, Philippines – The Gem Of Palawan Island

best tourist places in el nido

Embraced with marshy lands and enchanting lush mountains, one among the 7,000+ Islands in Philippines, El Nido is an astonishing and serene tourist place situated in the lap of Palawan island that is popular for stunning white-sand beaches, coral reefs, waterfalls, lakes as the most popular and beloved place among Bacuit Archipelago. Full of surprises, El Nido leaves no stone unturned to leave a mark on your amateur journeys. 

Besides varieties of food, birds, insects and flora along with a distinctive approach to engage the tourists, El Nido is famous for its tranquility and grace. There are hundreds of diving places to take a dip into the parallel world for a while, including Dilumacad island’s mile-long tunnel that opens in an underwater cavern. This is our belief that you would never forget the way Palawan island will be welcoming you while passing-by tree-lined streets and bent bridges over the lake’s El Pino. 

If you’re planning to fly somewhere, then you would likely book a ticket to the Philippines. Here’s everything that you would probably wish to know before making your way to quaint trails of El Nido and serene streets stretching to the mysterious marshy land of Palawan Mountains. Scroll down to explore the most enhancing, picturesque tourist place in El Nido, Philippines for a perfect weekend trip.

Get Set, Go: The Ultimate Guide to El Nido, Philippines For Crazy Backpackers

  • Best Tourist Place In El Nido
  • Best Things To Do In El Nido
  • Best Time To Visit El, Nido
  • How to Reach El Nido
  • Where To Stay in Ed Nido
  • El Nido, Philippines Packing Guide

Best Tourist Places in El Nido to Explore during a Secret Trip

No wonder in saying that you would probably be looking for some best tourist places in El Nido before flight booking. This little place draws an engaging picture of nature that can get a hold over every breath of yours. Here are some of the best and most visited tourist places in El Nido to walk through on a trip.

  • Small Lagoon

It seems that nature is untouched here because dolphins can still be seen jumping and swimming across this secret lake here. And what makes this place different is crystal clear turquoise-green water around the lake bordering the towering century-old limestone spikes that is easily accessible by kayak or swimming through a secret tunnel.

  • Secret Beach

Clear by its name this place is located amid limestone cliffs and one of the less visited tourist places in El Nido where you can move on this trip. One of the most fascinating beaches of Matinloc Island, this astonishing pocket is surrounded by limestone walls. You can neither reach here via boat nor by swimming. This is one of the hardest beaches to reach, but once you reach there would be a whole new scenery shining your eyes to entertain you like never before.

  • Big lagoon

Here is another picturesque and spectacular tourist destination on the list where you can plan to visit this year. Routed between the narrow cliffs of towering green rock walls, Big Lagoon exists as a gateway to another world for the crazy explorers. Clear green water, rock cliffs, green sidehills and all this set amid a clear blue sky will make your picture alive.

  • Hidden Beach

No, this one is not secret, but of course away from your reach therefore it’s called hidden beach, the most remote place in the Philippines. This is a virgin beach to be exploited by a few tourists every year. This small paradise is just perfect for a couple waiting for a romantic photoshoot. It sets beyond the world while walking through the beach kissed by towering limestone rock walls.

  • Seven Commandos Beach

Another side of the name, there is no commando on the beach instead nature will be sitting on any of the high limestone cliffs around the beach. This small beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines to go. Renowned for swimming and beach chilling, you can head to this stunning waterbody to live your life like never before.

There are so many popular and beautiful tourist places in El Nido, Philippines but we found these 5 to be here on the list for a perfect journey. Let’s discuss the best things to do here.

Best things to do in El Nido for an Amazing Turn to Your Trip

You know what makes El Nido a part of paradise? See, everything that hits your mind can be performed here. From swimming to kayaking, shopping, food, adventurous activities and, of course, friend making, you can do everything that brings a smile on your face. Here’s how to start exploring the grace of nature around stunning islands in the Philippines. 

Island hopping is what most tourists love to do in El Nido because this place is encircled by some of the most beautiful beaches around the world where you will find yourself in a new world. There are several companies that offer charters to some of the most picturesque and remote tourist places in El Nido, Philippines. Some favorites in this list are Small & Big lagoon, Twin Beaches and hidden beach as well. 

You can join a group of backpackers. It’s easy to find someone to accompany you during this trip because El Nido is one of the best tourist places for solo travellers. From speedboat riding to kayaking and hiking, you can go for a complete package. 

A weekend trip to El Nido is all about motorbiking, hiking, trekking and exploring hidden caves underneath the open blue sky. You can also hook up with a charming girl, enjoying the sunbath around any of the beaches in the Philippines. 

Best time to Visit El Nido for a Picture Perfect Journey

It depends on what kind of trip you are organizing because if it’s a couple trip then all season will be fruitful because love can take place anywhere but being it a group trip wouldn’t be appropriate during the rainy season. There are several tips here to plan a perfect trip to El Nido. It is better to explore this piece of paradise between November and May because the weather remains pleasant and lovely during these days. It would be great to have fun at the secret beach during this time because the sun wouldn’t hurt you at all.

How to Reach El Nido for a Perfect Summer Holiday?

This beautiful place is connected to all the major countries and the nearest airport is Manila, you can take a plane ride from Manila to Puerto Princesa to reach the stunning places that lie in the lap of El Nido, Philippines. You can book a van or personal car from Puerto Princesa to reach El Nido. It might take a whole day to reach, but it is perhaps the cheapest way to reach and explore this spectacular tourist place in philippines. Direct flights from all the major country airports are available and you can also get on a complete El Nido tourist package to have fun.

Where to Stay in El Nido?

There is no lack of accommodations at this beautiful municipality located in the northern island of Palawan Island, where thousands of hotels, and beachside resorts are available for a mesmerising stay. If you are looking for budget hotels in El Nido then you can plan a stay around the El Nido town or  luxury hotels are available in Las cabanas. You can plan your stay as per your mood because the hotels are differently categorized as per mood, view, landscape, accessibility to beaches and scenery. 

El Nido, Philippines Packing Guide for Beginners

These are the essential things to be on your checklist.

  • Swimsuit/Bikini or Cover Up
  • Swimwear/Beach Wears
  • Water shoes
  • Waterproof bags
  • Waterproof Camera

This is what should be on your list for a perfect vacay in 2021. 

With the following tips and things to do in El Nido, Philippines, we have enlightened you everything about this paradise. We hope you will do your best there. If you are looking for an under budget trip, then here are some cheapest summer destinations to explore in 2021.

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