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The Ultimate Travel Guide To Nepal

travel guide to nepal

Nepal may be a small country but there is no shortfall of the things to explore. Home to the Himalayas could be the best place for tracking as well. Nepal is blessed with natural beauty and there is no reason to say no to a trip to Nepal when your friends ask you to accompany them. 

Although Nepal is the destination for most travellers. From mountains to lakes, shrines to local markets, this place has varieties to attract a large number of tourists. In all,  Nepal is just truly breathtaking! 

Above all, if you want to behold the beauty of Nepal, be ready with your bags and essential items because no other place can give  you a spell-bound view than mountains can. If you like mountaineering, you should have knowledge about everything. Traveling with inappropriate knowledge is like owning a car without fuel. 

We are here with The Ultimate Nepal Travel Guide 2020  just to make your trip to Nepal easy. So do you want to make your trip easy, feasible and memorable? Of Course yes. But do you know the tips to travel Nepal, what you need to keep with you, major attractions of Nepal, how to reach etc? If no, no need to worry, just scroll down and you will get every answer of  your every query. So let’s begin.

How to reach Nepal 

Air– Reaching Nepal by Air is the most convenient option as it just takes 1-1.5 hours. Multiple airlines are offering flights from the major cities across India like Mumbai, Delhi, Varanasi,Chennai, Bengaluru which land you at Kathmandu. But if you’re willing to take rail service then you’re welcomed. 

Rail Let us tell you that the main line between India and Nepal starts from Gorakhpur town in Uttar Pradesh which ends its route at Sunauli Border at Janakpur. Once you reach there, public transportation like buses and taxis can take you to Kathmandu with a 6 hours run. 

By Road– Those who find roads the most convenient to travel, buses are the most economical way to reach Nepal. Crossing six borders from India, direct air conditioned buses are easily available from various major cities across India like Delhi, Varanasi etc. Plus, you can hire a private car also for those who are keen for more feasibility, privacy and fun. 

Best season to visit Nepal

Although, Nepal is the place where you can visit anytime. But the most suitable season for visiting Nepal is the season of Autumn. And if you visit Nepal just for the purpose of trekking then you can behold the beauty of the entire Nepal from the peak of the mountains, witness clear blue skies, and capture the picturesque views.  

Best thing to do

Whether you are looking for trekking or water rafting, spiritual destinations or a glimpse of himalayan culture, there are various reasons to love Nepal. But above all, trekking is one of the most fascinating things to do in Nepal. Whether you are a beginner or master in trekking, where to stay, you’ll add some unexpected experience to your trekking list. Nepal is known to offer some best trekking routes in the world.

If you have a shortage of time and are dying to climb mountains, Poonhill Trek is the shortest trek in Nepal which can be covered in just 4 days. Apart from this, Everest Base Camp Trek is a great trek if you have 12 days. Besides this, the Everest Base Camp – 3 Passes Trek, Manaslu Trek are also some of the best adventure treks in Nepal that can take you to the unparalleled trekking experience. 

Major attractions of Nepal 

Nepal is a small country. Exactly! But when it comes to offering places to visit, the country is no less. An old saying is “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover” exactly what Nepal is all about. The country is absolutely packed with beauty and adventure. KathmanduChitwan National Park, Lumbini, Pokhara etc are some Major Attractions of Nepal. 

Kathmandu- The major tourist attraction, hub of all adventures  and the capital city of the country, Kathmandu is the place that requires enough time to explore the beauty of Nepal. 

Chitwan National Park- The place is stop for everyone because of its wildlife conversation. Rare wildlife animals like one-horned rhinos, wild elephants, Bengal tigers and a variety of bird species as well are the major attraction of the National Park. 

Pokhara- With the tranquil lake, spell-binding mountains view and verdanty shorelines, Pokhara is the popular destination in Nepal. Beside this, it has opportunities for outdoor adventures too, ranging from the paddling boat to water rafting. 

Lumbini- Birthplace of Budda, popular for the pilgrimage spot of Bhuddist and those who are interested in spirituality. You’ll find couples of spiritual destinations like temples, monasteries, stupas etc. 

Budget for travelling Nepal

When it comes to travelling, budget is the first thing that hits the traveller’s mind. But this doesn’t go with Nepal. Nepan can be a very budget-friendly country for travellers. From transportation to food, accomodation to shopping, everything comes under your budget. If you have a low budget but still want to take yourself out from the exhaust of daily routines, make a trip to Nepal

Nepal Packing List

1. Clothings

T-shirt for day or shirt

A bit warm t-shirt for night

Quick dry towel

2. Pair of shoes

Hiking Shoes


3. Medicines

Pain killers



fever medicine

4. Other essentials 



Power bank






Sleeping bag


Waterproof phone case


Rain coat


We have tried a bit to make your trip to Nepal thrilling. So what are you waiting for when everything is in your hand. Just pick out the aforementioned items and mark a new adventurous record. 

Believe us, you’ll not find a trekking place better than Nepal. It is a place with varieties like temples, stupas, monasteries, culture, unity, simplicity and many more.  

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