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Pench National Park- The Real Wildlife Experience

Pench national park

What comes to mind first when you hear the name “National Park”. Apparently, dreaded animals, lush greenery, and the thought of experiencing wildlife from too closely. There is no second thought while saying that National parks are the real nature that has been preserved for wildlife and people like us. The experience of exploring any national park is unmatchable and impeccable, so as Pench National Park is offering to its viewers. Located in the heart of Madhya  Pradesh, Pench National Park is the pride of the state and the country as well.

Predominantly known for its rich flora and fauna for ages, Pench National Park has countless varieties to witness. This beautiful national park covers almost 758, located in the southern part of Madhya Pradesh, in the district of Seoni and Chhindwara which also shares a boundary with Maharashtra.

With the treasure of flora and fauna, the Pench National Park has a huge amount of tigers and now working under the Project Tiger. Also, the beauty of this place has been praised through the classic “The Jungle Book” by the great Rudyard Kipling”. 

True to be told, the beauty of the national parks can only be observed by witnessing, words are not enough to describe the actual view and in-depth beauty of this naturally preserved area. Still, we strived to divert your mind to this amazing national park where countless stimulating activities will leave you speechless with its mesmerizing natural beauty and wildlife experience. We have dished out some wildlife activities that can be experienced in the National Park that make your trip complete and also make you available with a bucket full of memories. Check what we have in the bag for you:

A Quick Guide To Pench National Park: Way To Fantastic Trip

How To Reach 

Being one of the leading National Parks in India, there is absolutely no need to worry about traveling to Pench National Park Maharashtra, as it is situated on the border of two main states of the country, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. So wildlife enthusiasts can travel to and from any region of India such as Jabalpur to Pench National Park to Jabalpur or Pench National Park to Nagpur by air, rail, or road and further takes tourist transport to Pench National Park. 

By Air- Pench National Park is just 93 km far from the Sonegaon Airport in Nagpur which is well connected to other major cities of India such as Delhi, Banglore, etc. 

By Rail- The nearest railway station is Seoni Railway Station which is approximately 35 km from the destination. There is no shortage of trains on this route that connects to the various major cities of the country. Alternatively, Nagpur is the best junction to reach from anywhere and then private transport will help you to reach your dream destination. 

By Road- Nagpur has a well-connected network of transport, you can easily catch buses from Nagpur to Pench National Park and reach there from different parts of the country. 

Pench National Park Entry Fee

Well, the entry fee of Pench National Park completely depends on the Season, Nationality, and Type of Visiting. The minimum cost to be charged in the name of Pench National Park Entry Fee is ₹150 to 200. 

Where To Stay

If you’re worried about where to stay and looking for Pench National Park Hotels, it won’t suit your enthusiasm at all. Choosing Pench Jungle Camp would suit better to your craziness of nature and wildlife. Nestled amidst the beauty of National Park, the camp has everything to make you comfortable and your trip wonderful. Activities like night safari, natural trails, bird-watching walks, evening barbeque with the bonfire will be served to enhance your enjoyment. 

Travel Tips And Ideas For Pench National Park

While placing Pench National Park Booking, consider these travel tips and ideas to make your trip flawless and memorable. 

  • Visiting the national park during monsoon season could turn your trip disastrous. Furthermore, most of the parts of the park are closed and you have to return the empty hands. So plan your trip accordingly. 
  • Remember, you should have enough time to explore the national park. Also, choose the morning time instead of the evening for safari, so that you can spot more species of wildlife. 
  • Strange but true, avoid deodorant, and using other odor products, it may scare the animals. 
  • Internet connectivity may be weak over there. 
  • Nagpur is the nearest and well-connected town, better choose it to travel to Pench. 
  • The elephant ride is most suitable if you want to spot tigers. 
  • It is recommended to wear sober, light, and simple clothing instead of flashy and bright to ensure animals won’t attract you. 

Things To Do In Pench National Park

As there are countless things to do in Pench National Park in the name of natural wildlife, there is nothing wrong to say this national park is preserving the natural beauty and fit for every nature enthusiast. Go through the list of things to do so that you won’t miss any important scenic view while traveling to Pench National park.   

Jungle Safari

The Pench National Park jungle safari surpasses all your excitement as it offers unbeatable excitement. The park is home to various wildlife animals including tigers, elephants, and birds with various fascinating views of lush forest. You can spot some rare animals and have a glimpse of unexpected views here. To admire the jungle safari at its best, pre-Pench National Park safari booking is an ideal idea.  

Tiger Spotting

Renowned for housing the iconic Royal Bengal Tiger, the Pench National Park is the best place to spot the tigers in their natural habitat. The best season to witness the tigers in their form is November to May, at that time tiger sightings are also maximum

Bird Watching

One of the main reasons to include this national park in the list of leading national parks of India because of its number of species. It adobe more than 300 species of birds, both resident and migratory. For the best bird watching experience consider your trip between October to March.  

Nature Photography

You’re arguably a nature lover if you’re reading this blog, and nature loves never leave a single chance to capture the scenic views in their camera. So the place is all yours, capture as many as views you can because Pench National Park has innumerable views to capture. 

Nature Trails

Jungle trails are ideal for nature lovers. Walk and explore the beauty of the forest and different species of plants. Also, spot incredible species of butterflies, insects, and a variety of aromatic flowers. 


Camping under the open sky and sparkling stars and enjoying the climate with a bonfire and your loved ones. You will definitely have a remarkable time over here. 

With this simple yet informative guide, you can experience the real wildlife. If you get a chance, make your trip once, because there is no reason to overlook this beautiful natural preserved area. 

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