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Richness In Astounding Edinburgh

Richness In Astounding Edinburgh

Edinburgh- a place where there is something for every visitor and someone can barely resist exploring more about this place. In case you are fascinated about the charm of old cities and also looking for some elegant new towns that are crowned with rocky pinnacles and stone walls, then, you can consider Edinburgh as your top choice for holidays. In case you have already packed your bags and heading towards Edinburgh, then take a quick look at the city and the must-visit tourist destinations of this city.

Edinburgh- The Capital Of Scotland

Lying in the heart of Scotland, the capital city Edinburgh is one of its 32 council areas and is located in Lothian on the Firth of Forth’s southern shore. The city got its recognition in the 15th century and is the head seat of all the major governmental organizations, like the Scottish Government, Scottish Parliament and supreme courts of Scotland. Apart from Edinburgh is also the second-largest financial centre of the United Kingdom, after London. It is a remarkable record of this city that its magnetic attraction has attracted around 1.75 million visitors overseas in 2016. Edinburgh is the seventh most populous city of the United Kingdom with an estimate of 488,050 people.

Edinburgh- Top Mesmerizing Destinations For Holidaymakers

1.  Edinburgh Castle

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The Edinburgh Castle is an iconic tourist destination of Scotland and it was recently voted as top UK Heritage Attraction in British Travel Awards. It is a part of Old and New Towns of Edinburgh’s World Heritage Site.  

The remarkable highlights of Edinburgh Castle includes One O’ Clock Salute from Half Moon Battery, fascinating Scottish National War Memorial, intricate collections of Crown Jewels in the Royal Palace and many more. Additionally, it has Stone of Destiny or the Stone of Scone, which was stolen by Edward I and kept under the English throne in London. It is said that it was returned to Scotland after a long period of 700 years in 1996.

Edinburgh Castle has also played an indispensable role in the history of Scotland as a royal residence as well as a military stronghold. During the 11th century, it was King Malcolm Canmore (1058-93) and Queen Margaret were the ones who made this place their home for the first time. However, from 1745 to 1920s, this castle viewed drastic military actions and it served as the main base for the British army in Scotland.

2. National Museum Of Scotland

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The National Museum of Scotland was formed in 2006 with the merger of the new Museum of Scotland. This building underwent a drastic refurbishment and reopened on 29th July 2011. From the date of its reopening, it has been one of the favourite places visitors in Edinburgh. Its architecture comprises of two contrasting as well as complementary buildings that include a Victorian Palace, which is made out of beaten iron and glass. On the other hand, a modern sandstone fortress is there along with an astounding circular tower. This museum showcases the Scottish antiquities, heritage, history, and culture. It has everything that includes Dolly the cloned sheep, which is the first cloned mammal and other 8000 other artifacts. It also has Elton John’s more elaborate stage costumes, material from Ancient Egypt and the infamous Maiden, an early form of the guillotine.

3. Camera Obscura and World of Illusions

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One of the oldest visitor attractions of Edinburgh, Camera Obscura and World of Illusions was created in back in 1835. It has a tantalizing maze of mirrors and a magic gallery along with plasma balls and both optical old-style illusions. The camera obscura, which is the star of the show sits within the Victorian rooftop chamber. It offers enticing views of the surrounding city streets as well as citizens. You take a look at all these with the help of a pinhole technology. In a nutshell, this place can offer you ‘a visual live tour’ of the city. With its alluring views, this place becomes unmissable to visit if you are in Edinburgh.

4. Palace of Holyroodhouse

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The Palace of Holyroodhouse has been a centre of Scottish history since the 16th century. It is the Queen’s official Edinburgh residence. History marks major events of history that relate to this palace. In the Palace of Holyroodhouse, James II, and James IV, each were married. Additionally, James V and Charles I were crowned. This is the place, where Bonnie Prince Charlie held court in 1745. When the Queen is away, there is a chance for the general public to visit these stunning Historic Apartments which is a former home for the Mary Queen of Scots and State Apartments which is famous for its fine furnishings and plasterwork.   

The Great Gallery available in this palace showcases the portraits of legendary as well as real Scottish kings. Apart from this, there is a Queen’s Gallery which was opened in 2002 hosts changing exhibitions from Royal Collections. It was built to commemorate the Golden Jubilee celebrations. The adjacent Holyrood Abbey was founded by King David I during the 12th century.  

5. Arthur’s Seat

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Arthur’s Seat is the place that rises above from the urban stretch of Edinburgh and offers one of the best astounding views to the eyes. Situated in Holyrood Park, at a height of 820 feet, it is the highest point spread in an area of 640 acres offers a spectacular view of the city from the top. The easiest way to be there is right from the park’s Dunsapie Loch. Apart from this, you can take a route that is easy to climb are the dramatic Salisbury Crags which is a series of 151-foot cliffs adjacent to Arthur’s Seat. It also features ancient terrace cultivation. This is considered to be the best ever example of preserved ancient farming practices in Scotland.  

6. Royal Yacht Britannia

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If you are willing to enjoy the royalty and looking for some more mesmerizing views to tranquil your eyes, then step in the Royal Yacht Britannia. It once ferried the Queen from a port to another. This royal yacht was in service between 1954 to 1997 and is now berthed at Ocean Terminal in Leith. It also has audio tours that narrate the story of celebrity visitors and share delightful memories at this place.

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