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Best Places to Visit In Costa Rica

Let’s Visit Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one such place where you can have diversified tempting destinations with alluring views. The tranquility in the place attracts tourists from all across the globe. Costa Rica has an area of around 51,060 square kilometers and it has a population of around 5 million people. Out of these 5 million, around 333,980 live in the largest city and the capital, San Jose and around 2 million people in the surrounding area.

This place is a beautiful country which is a dream place for many. This place is plenty full of natures’ fascinating beauties and numerous national parks. Additionally, there is a variety of flora and fauna. If you do love to travel and visualize the world with your naked eyes, then this place is the ultimate. By the way, here we are presenting some famous destinations in Costa Rica and if you are planning to be there, you can visit these.

Here some best places to visit In Costa Rica –

1. Arenal Volcano

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Arenal Volcano is sitting at a height of 1,670 m and is in the northern lowlands of Costa Rica’s fertile land. You can’t skip this place if you are in this country. And if you are lucky, you might be able to see the lava erupting out of the Arenal Volcano. This volcano is highly active and has rested recently. The eruptive cycle had begun in 1968, where Arenal used to spew huge amounts of lava on a regular basis but it has taken rest since October 2010. It is surrounded by numerous waterfalls, caves, lakes, hot springs and beautiful forests with traditional people around to host you in the country. This area has tons of wonderful activities that you can do here. This place has an awesome waterfall, La Fortuna, a national park with hiking, satisfying sunset views over lakes, caves, river rafting, and many more things are there that you can do.

2. Montezuma

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Where luxury and your pocket follow all around as well as all together, this place is none other than the Montezuma. It’s a perfect combination of beautiful beaches and fascinating Bohemian town. This beach in Central America is enjoyed by tourists from all over the world. Montezuma is one of the out-of-the-way beaches of Costa Rica. With its vibrant atmosphere in day and night, this beach ensures an unforgettable trip to beach lovers. This place had started its beginning with a remote fishing village but now it is one of the favourite destinations for travelers. This place is more scenic than swimming. This is to be remembered that the beaches are not good for swimming. It’s all about for picturesque views and lively entertainment. It is advised to swim in pools of hotels because when the waves are short, the place is safe but when it jumps up high, it is highly dangerous as well.    

3. Monteverde

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Monteverde is one such place which is considered to be a major Ecotourism of Costa Rica. This place is situated in Cordillera De Tilaran. The small town is shrouded in dense clouds and has mesmerizing Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and the aura surrounding this place has an amazing mystery dissolved in it. This fascinating mountain rainforest possesses a humidity of about 100% and is home to more than 3000 species of plants and animals. It has more than 500 species of birds, 420 species of orchids and 200 species of ferns. One of the famous specialties is the golden toad, it is known to exist only in Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. So, in case you are lucky, then you might get a glimpse of this golden toad as well. In this place, you can thoroughly enjoy various activities as well as excursions like visiting the butterfly garden, canopy trip, horse riding suspension bridges and many more.

4. Poas Volcano

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In Costa Rica, while traveling to San Jose, you can have a great trip to Poas Volcano. It is a stratovolcano with twin calderas filled with Sulphur lakes. The lakes are so calm that you might assume that someone has painted some colours on it. These volcanoes last erupted in 2017 and since 1882, it has erupted for about 40 times. You will have to visit this place in the early morning so that you don’t miss the actual picturesque moment and try to avoid clouds ruining your day.

5. Corcovado

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The Corcovado National Park is on the outskirts of the Osa Peninsula in southwestern Costa Rica. It was established in 1975 and it covers an area of 424 square kilometers. This sums up to be the largest park in the country. However, now it has become much more popular than it ever used to be, it is still a quiet and rugged place. This place quite difficult to get but your consistent efforts can let you be there. You can see deserted beaches, tons of wildlife, great hiking, camping and lots of marine life.

6. Crocodile Bridge

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If you are in San Jose and planning to drive through Puntarenas or San Jose, then take a drive of Rio Tarcoles bridge. It is also famous by the name of Crocodile Bridge. This bridge is one of the top choices of tourists. You can see dozens of crocodiles below the bridge over the sandbanks. Although, you can see them for the whole year, however, the best time to visit this place is when there are low tides in the dry season.

Crocodiles in this area are rare in Costa Rica as they have been hunted vigorously for their leather. However, the crocodiles are preserved as they are the main attraction of this place that draws a line between Tarcoles and various wildlife tours in Costa Rica. However, make sure you don’t feed crocodiles as this is illegal as well as dangerous too to feed them. This is because doing so will let crocodiles free from the fears of humans.  

7. Santa Teresa

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The place, Santa Teresa is basically not more than just a beach with a road lined with various things, like eateries, yoga centers, surf shops, and hostels. This place is so mesmerizing that everyone wakes up early to taka a wave-drive and enjoy the morning bliss of this place. You might not be able to have parties like other cities, but you can have a calm and relaxed moment at Santa Teresa. You can hang out with your loved ones at the beach and enjoy every moment.  

So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your bags packed for Costa Rica and have an enjoyable trip.

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