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Top 5 Summer Destinations To Visit After Coronavirus Outbreak

summer destinations to visit after coronavirus outbreak

Though being quarantined is not a choice but people are doing this so. And it all has been imposed on every individual around the world due to the impact of Coronavirus. There wouldn’t even be a toddler unaware of this pandemic having the clouds of threat over the planet. 

Transportation, Travellings, Shoppings and thousands of other things are badly affected due to this global emergency but things are starting to make comebacks. Wuhan, China ‘Epicenter of the Coronavirus pandemic’ was the worst hit of this outbreak but things will back soon. And keeping this in mind we are listing the top 5 summer destinations around the world to make the highest grow even amidst the Coronavirus Outbreak.

You are going to experience a whole new world while wandering in the streets after this lockdown and black clouds of COVID-19 vanished. Let the scrolling begin to travel around the world while your country is in lockdown.

1. Miami, Florida U.S.A

Most tourists are obsessed with the USA and especially Miami to travel during summer vacations. As per a report, Miami is one of the most visited summer destinations, popular among European and Asian tourists. This might be the reason why Miami got the worst hit during the Coronavirus Outbreak in the USA. A beautiful beach that used to be packed with thousands of visitors at one time is running out of people even not a single dog is taking sunbath there. This outbreak has changed numerous things negatively but Miami Beach has got something positive. Now, the sun shines properly and the ocean breeze feels even more stunning. According to a report released by NASA, the Coronavirus outbreak has a positive side effect on nature as mother earth is healing rapidly. So get ready to fresh your mind after this pandemic goes off. 

2. Ocean City, Maryland United States

One of the most popular resort towns cum beach in the United State was ordered to close amidst Coronavirus Outbreak in the US. Located in the states of Maryland between the Atlantic Ocean and Isle of the wight bay, it used to be the most crowded place in the United States earlier when the country was free from COVID-19. Though this summer destination is a breath of relief since the visitors are restricted to visit here due to lockdown in the US. However, Ocean Beach was second in the list of the most polluted beaches in the world but the Coronavirus Outbreak has a positive effect and improvises the stunningness of nature since the place is in quarantine. Get set to meet the cute dolphins when the virus fades.

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

A city of one’s dream has been turned to become a nightmare even worse than a nightmare. Amsterdam is probably one of the most beautiful cities in the world and also listed as the most stunning summer destination to explore. If you’re planning to visit somewhere after these Coronavirus things get done then it must be first on your list but anyways there is no need for this now because the outbreak has changed everything including the grace of the De Wallen and gardens behind the engaging houses around the streets. Well, statistics show that air pollution in the Netherlands and the cities have been reduced by 30% to 40% after imposing lockdown in the entire country to lessen the effect of Coronavirus Outbreak. So, get ready to feel nature because these shades are going to fade soon.

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4. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Habibi Habibi! Located in the middle east in the middle of dunes, Dubai is the most beautiful tourist place where most people visit during summers because the miles-long beaches are just beautiful enough to grasp over your soul. Well, there is bad news from the side of tourists and the hospitality department of the UAE that the revenue of tourism in Dubai has been cut down by 80 percent as the government is too serious about the Coronavirus Outbreak and all aviation and transportation services are banned until next order. In this case, when Dubai has been established as a tourist place lockdown in the world will put a negative impact but there would be a positive side effect of Coronavirus here as the beaches and streets are running out of vehicles that have made a breakthrough in the air pollution. Now you can breathe love and care in the air of Dubai. 

5. Venice, Italy

Located in the epicenter of this Coronavirus Outbreak Italy, Venice is one of the most visited and beautiful summer destinations around the world and also called the city of canals. However, the year of rate has ensured that nothing left here to be explored, therefore the coronavirus outbreak has claimed over 8,000 deaths alone in Italy and it has the worst hit after China. Well, the locals living in quarantine in Italy and other cities like Milan and Venice have shared some beautiful taps on social media indicating the changes COVID-19 has made after a lockdown in the country. Swans are back in the canals and water looks clearer than ever before as the fishes can be seen with the naked eyes and it is amazing. In this scenario, it has to be said that even after facing the worst hit of the virus the grace and blessings of the almighty are still in Italy.

These are the 5 most visited summer tourist places in the world where you can visit after Coronavirus as nature is healing and you will be able to experience the whole new side of the world after the negative rays go off. All we can do is pray and stay at home to win the battle against this pandemic.

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