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Kala Ghoda Festival: The Most Awaited Festival of South Mumbai

Kala Ghoda Festival

The Kala Ghoda Festival is one of the most awaited events in South Mumbai. It fills the Mumbai street with excitement, conglomerated activities, and is full of celebrations. 

Do you want to know more about Kala Ghoda Mahotsav? This post will bring up a detailed description of this colourful festival of Mumbai, India. From the Date, Time, Venue, and Reason behind this grand celebration, we will cover everything. 

Kala Ghoda Festival: Introduction

Kala Ghoda fest is a nine-day festival held in South Mumbai. It started in the year 1999, since then it is celebrated every year and has become one of the largest events in Mumbai. It comes up with colorful activities, arts, exhibitions and also celebrates theatre, music, films, comedy, modern art, etc every year. It attracts numerous people each coming year, not only from the city and country but also beyond the boundaries. 

The Kala Ghoda festival lasts for nine days, starts from the first Saturday of February, and lasts till the second Sunday. The famous festival is organized by ‘Kala Ghoda Association’, a non-profit organisation whose main objective is to upgrade the Kala Ghoda sub-precinct and make Kala Ghoda the art district of Mumbai. The association distributes its members in 12 teams to handle 12 different sections of the festival. 

The 12 major sections of the Kala Ghoda festival that drive a large number of visitors and participants are Visual arts, Dance, Music, Theatre, Cinema, Literature, Workshop, Heritage Walks, Urban Design, and Architecture. It also includes Food, a dedicated section for children, and a vibrant street section including eco-friendly, handmade arts and craft wares. Now many of you must be wondering why it is called the Kala Ghoda festival. Well, the question is apparent and has an interesting fact behind it. Continue reading to learn!

Why is it Called the ‘Kala Ghoda Festival’?

When you get to know what the Kala Ghoda festival is, the curiosity of knowing the reason behind its name must be on the next level. The Kala Ghoda festival is held in the Kala Ghoda district, where a huge statue of a majestic black horse is erected at the centre of the road. This is the only reason behind the name of the festival. Are you eager to know about Kala Ghoda Mahotsav? Keep reading the post!

Timing and Entry Fees

With the variety of engaging activities, the Kala Ghoda festival offers free entry to every section of the festival. So you head to the Kala Ghoda festival even if you’re low on budget. The Kala Ghoda association organizes this festival with the objective to introduce the architecture and heritage of Kala Ghoda district. The association has no intention to make money out of the festival. You can leisurely walk through section to section, check out every stall, and attend all events from morning 10 A.M. to evening 10 P.M. (it might fluctuate a little). 

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the organization has introduced digital ways to attend the Kala Ghoda festival, keeping the social distance in mind. However, it can further continue to help more and more people to attend the Kala Ghoda fest and enjoy it from their comfort zone. 

This year, visitors were asked to get e-tickets in this way- 

  • Watch on Insider – Visitors were required to log in to Paytm Insider via desktop or mobile browser to attend the festival digitally. 
  • Watch Online- Online links were provided by the organizers to the interested visitors.
  • On the Ground- That means visitors were able to join the Kala Ghoda festival on the ground with valid Government ID proof and required Coronavirus safety protocols. 

12 Major Activities That You Can Explore at Kala Ghoda Festival

As we have mentioned, the Kala Ghoda festival is all about cultural, traditional, art, music, etc activities; we’re going to unfold those sections where you can enjoy them to the fullest. 


Get your feet ready for the Kala Ghoda festival because there are almost 55 dance events. The theme of the dance will range from an Indian dance style to contemporary and international. Get indulge in different dance style forms. 

Venue: Cross maida


Theatre is another major event of Kala Ghoda fest that will blow your mind. There are approximately 35 plays across various languages ranging from Hindi, English, Gujarati, Parsi, and many more. 

Venue: Horniman Circle Gardens


Do live music concerts lighten up your mood? The Kala Ghoda festival allows you to experience live music from some famous artists such as Mugdha Hasabnis, Shilpa Rao, Sahar Zaman, etc. 

Venue: Cross Maidan

Movies and Films

Mumbai is known as the ‘Film City’ and the movies and film section is quite obvious in Kala Ghoda Mahotsav. Every year, the event comes up with off-beat genres that lighten up the mood of visitors. 

Venue: Coomaraswamy Hall and Visitors Center at CSMVS


If you love poetry, this section of the Kala Ghoda festival is for you. You can attend various sessions including poetry, book launches, etc. 

Venue: David Sassoon Library

Urban Designs and Architecture

This section will consist of discussions, interviews, presentations, and films talking about the current designs and architecture of the world. If you’re interested in architecture, pay attention. 

Venue: Max Mueller Bhavan


Make sure to enter the Kala Ghoda festival with an empty stomach because various delicious foods are waiting for you and ready to satiate your appetite. From street food to famous local Mumbai dishes, you can savor plenty of items that leave you finger-licking. 

Venue: All Around the Festival

Kids Dedicated Section

If you have kids, head to the Kala Ghoda festival with them. Every year, there are around 70-80 workshops organized for kids. Children can attend several workshops, learning and literature programs.  

Venue: Somaiya Bhavan and Kitab khan.

Visual Arts

The most attractive and soothing section of the Kala Ghoda festival is the visual arts. If not for any other reason, you can head to Kala Ghoda fest to explore the plethora of creative things, true art, etc. 

Venue: Horniman Circle garden, Cross Maida, Artist’s Centre at K Dubash Marg, and the Art Entrance at Army-navy Building.

Heritage Walks

This section includes bus rides to showcase the heritage of Mumbai. It will take you through the major attractions of Mumbai. 


The workshop of Kala Ghoda festival will educate kids and adults on different topics. You will learn about how to become smart and improve your focusing skills. If you want to enhance your personality, check-in kala ghoda mahotsav. 

Venue: Artist’s Centre, Artisanal’ and Somaiya Centre  

Stand up Comedy

Enjoy the hilarious stand-up comedy at Kala Ghoda fest. Get yourself booked for four days and witness legendary comedians performing live. 

Venue: Irish House at Dubash Marg

Tips to Enjoy the Kala Ghoda Festival like a Pro

  1. If you’re non-local, get your accommodation book soon because they can be filled up near the festival. 
  2. Be sure to plan in the early days of the festival. The festival gets pretty crowded in the last days of the event. 
  3. Also, choose the morning time to attend the event if you don’t want to miss a single beat. 
  4. Make sure to bring a camera, because you will come across various colorful display arts and cultural activities. 
  5. Be mindful about your outfit, because the Kala Ghoda festival falls in spring season, so wear comfortable clothes.  

Kala Ghoda festival is the major attraction of South Mumbai where you can sing, dance, laugh, eat, explore art, literature, learn personality development skills and many more. All in all, you can enjoy all major activities in one place. Plan your trip with this guide and enjoy yourself at ease!

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