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7 Suggested Hot Springs in Japan To Soak in Hot Water

Hot Springs In Japan

No trip to Japan is complete without a dip in a hot spring. Hot springs in Japan are natural hot water, heated by subterranean volcanic activity. If you’re planning to head to Japan, you must know a few best hot springs that you shouldn’t miss. 

Japan has over 3000 thousand hot springs, some of them have a quality of healing wounds and many hot springs in Japan can soothe your soul. In this post, we have discussed types of hot springs or onsen and also unfolded the seven best hot springs in Japan that can cure your wounds, relax your mind and make you feel like heaven!

Soak Yourself in These Types of Hot Springs in Japan

Japan’s Onsen (Hot Springs) is one of the major attractions for visitors. You may have heard that the hot water bath is generally good for health and skin. Hot springs in Japan do the same. They have some essential elements that are said to have different therapeutic effects. In which onsen you should soak depends on your ailment. Let’s find out which is the best onsen in Japan according to your requirements.

Sulphur Spring- Sulphur Onsen (or io sen) is known for its distinct smell and milky color. It is believed that sulphur is effective in treating skin disorders and arthritis. 

Iron Spring- (gantetsu sen) As the name suggests, it is rich in iron and the water has a rust color. These types of hot springs in Japan have the ability to retain heat, balance the iron level in the body, and are beneficial for anemia. 

Acidic Spring- (sansei sen) Acidic Springs is rich in antibacterial effects that are mainly known for healing allergies etc. 

Simple Thermal Spring- Simple Thermal Spring (tanju onsen) is one only onsen that has minimal health effects. Still, soaking in a hot water tub can make you feel relaxed. 

Sodium Bicarbonate Saline Spring- Because of its skin soothing qualities, this (tansan suiso ensen) is one of the favorite hot springs in Japan for many ladies. It is also known as ‘water for beautiful skin’.

Sulphate Spring – It (ryusan sen) is one of the best hot springs in Japan because of its multiple healing qualities. There are three types of hot springs: Magnesium, Calcium, and Sodium. Such hot water baths are good for curing cuts, bruises and healing chronic constipation and arteriosclerosis. Bath in Sulphate spring can moist the skin and help you as a skin toner.  

Aluminum Spring- It (ganaruminiumusen) has acidic properties and is useful for treating various skin diseases such as athlete’s foot, rashes, and chronic dermatitis. 

Chloride Spring- Chloride Spring (enka butsudan) comes in three varieties: salt, calcium, and magnesium. It helps to heal cuts, burns, promote skin quality, and helps to retain body heat. 

Carbonated Water Spring- Soaking in (tansen sen) improves blood circulation and helps to detox your body. This is one of the popular hot springs in Japan known for cleansing the skin.  

Radioactive spring- Also known as hosano sen, a Radioactive spring contains small amounts of radioactive minerals. It is highly beneficial for high blood pressure, gout and rheumatism. 

Now when you know the different types of hot springs in Japan, you may search for the best hot springs in Japan, especially if you’re suffering from certain diseases. And if you’re curious to flaunt your sexy body and looking for the most appealing hot spring in Japan, here we got everything covered for you. Just off your rob, jump into the hot water to revamp your health and looks!

7 Most Amazing Japanese Hot Springs To Revamp Your Health and Looks!

Nowadays, hot springs in Japan have become a major attraction. Besides offering the health benefits, it is also counted as the sightseeing tour delivering scenic views, interesting facts ut abosoaking in Japanese culture. Overall, Japanese hot springs have become the complete vacation spot for tourists from throughout the world. When you find yourself low, head towards hot water springs in Japan; you will realize another aspect of Japan.

Kusatsu Onsen

usatsu Onsen

#Located in Gunma Prefecture; has been voted as the No.1 hot spring by the travel companies in Japan

The water in Kusatsu Onsen is natural flowing water that is quite acidic. To make the water suitable for bathing, fishes are inhabited in the river. It is best to cure skin diseases, diabetes, neuralgia, etc. Kusatsu is one of the major hot springs in Japan offering multiple activities to enjoy such as shops, cafes, etc. 

Gero Onsen

Gero Onsen

#Located in Gifu; is known as one of the famous hot springs in Japan

Gero Onsen water is alkaline which is smooth to touch. When you head to Gero Onsen, you will see houses with steep rafter roofs. Head to Gero Onsen and make your experience even more authentic. 

Shibu Onsen

Shibu Onsen

#Located in Nagano; has been known as hot springs Japan monkeys

Among several hot springs in Japan, it is the only onsen where you can witness monkeys soaking in the hot water. Apart from this, it has several bathhouses, each curing different illnesses. Visitors can engage in nine different bath tours and enjoy the time. It is said that those who bathe here are blessed with Good Luck!

Beppe Onsen

Beppe Onsen

#Located in Takegawara, it is known as one of the largest hot springs in Japan. 

Hot spring is one of the secret things to do in Japan and Beppe Onsen makes it more exciting with its different types of bath. Visitors can explore mud baths, steam baths besides hot water, all have healing properties. Beppe Onsen will definitely broaden your hot water bath experience. 

Lake Kawaguchiko

Lake Kawaguchiko

#Located in Mt Fuji; popular for boating open bathhouses 

Kawaguchiko is one of the unique places to visit in Japan and offers picturesque views. If we just take our mind off from hot springs in Japan to the flora and fauna, beautiful mountains, and foggy clouds, you will find several overwhelming photography views in Mt Fuji. Coming back to the point, Lake Kawaguchiko boasts several open bathhouses for non-staying guests promising to offer relaxation and peace.

Noboribetsu Onsen

Noboribetsu Onsen

#Located in Hokkaido; is one of the soothing hot springs in Japan

Noboribetsu is the beautiful Onsen with luxury hotels and large-sized ryokan (Japanese inns). In the Hokkaido cold climate, there is no better way to submerge yourself in the hot springs. What more Noboribetsu offers is – up to eleven types of different thermal water, ranging from Salt to Alumunium, which are known to be good for the body. 

Kinosaki Onsen

Kinosaki Onsen

#Located in Toyooka; has long been known as the hub of hot springs in Japan 

Kinosakin has seven public hot springs, which is why it is named the Onsen town of Japan. It is gaining popularity because of offering various facilities, exotic interiors, and making the experience distinct from the rest of the hot springs in Japan. What made Kinosaki the best Onsen in Japan is its affordable prices for all types of baths and scenic landscapes. Take some time for this unique hot spring to admire the tranquility it offers to the visitors. 

Final Thought!

Whether you’re looking for the best vacation spots with family or some interesting things to do in Japan, Hot Springs in Japan meet all your wanderlust! Hot Springs in Japan are one of the inevitable things to do that will enhance your experience and add stars to your trip to Japan. So take out your sexy bikini from the closet and show off your figure to soak in hot springs in Japan to replenish your skin, calm your mind and rejuvenate your body.

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