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10 Fantastic Rome Travel Tips That Everyone Should Know

Rome Travel Tips

Whether you are here for food, historic walk, or recreation, in this blog post, we will elaborate on 10 fantastic Rome Travel Tips that everyone should know. Brimming with history, Rome is a splendid city in Italy, famous for its historic sites. This is the city where the ancient Romans developed their system and cultures that are being followed even today.

If we talk about the best food city in terms of offering mouthwatering food, Rome must rank #1 as it is famous for its distinct taste. From Spaghetti, lasagna, pizza, and gelato to pasta, Rome has the most amazing food to satisfy even the hungriest of appetites. It doesn’t matter whether you visit the first, second, or third time, Rome is a city that always hits differently.

Roam Travel

Here are some quick Travel Tips That you must know before visiting Rome. 
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1. Cash Is Key

If you consider net banking or other online payment methods, you must think twice before visiting Rome. A large part of Italy’s economy functions on cash thus it is recommended to carry cash whenever you visit coffee shops, restaurants, or go out for shopping. It is one of the most-known Rome Travel Tips that is shared by one of our readers.
Currency of Italy: Euro (€)

2. Tipping Is Not Mandatory But Highly Appreciated

According to some travel websites, tipping is not expected in Italy. Unlike US, tipping guidelines in Rome, Italy demands 0% tipping other than the bill. However, you better leave 5-10% of your bill on the table. It would be highly appreciated.

Best Restaurant in Rome: Pierluigi, Armando Al Pantheon, Per Me, Roscioli, Il Pagliaccio

Note: If you are planning a trip right now, here 10 easy travel tips & ideas for Post-Coronavirus trips.

3. Ordering Cappuccino Post Noon is Food Crime

Follow this from the best Rome Travel Tips to avoid committing any food crime in Italy. The Italians are really conscious about digestion and milk is considered heavy on the stomach so they prefer it at the breakfast table. It’s strange but true!

Facts About Italian Food

  • A bar in Italy is more a coffee shop than a bar
  • A Bread is not counted as an appetizer
  • An Italian eats an average of 23kg of pasta per year
  • While the pizza was invented in Italy the famous Pepperoni Pizza is not from Italy

4. Order Your Coffee At Bar

It might sound strange but the Italian Bars are more of a Coffee shop than a beer bar. So, if you are looking for a coffee shop in Rome, take our advice and order your coffee at your bar. While Italians are fastidious about their food, these Rome Travel Tips will help you satisfy your appetite.

Best Bar in Rome: Drink Kong, Il Goccetto, The Jerry Thomas Project, Salotto 42

5. Learn Rome Transportation

Rome Transportation

Getting around Rome is perhaps the cheapest recreation you can ever experience in the world. And, it is possible due to its transportation system. Rome’s public transportation leaves much to be learned. Going through the same, here is the 5th of our Rome Travel Tips;

  • Buy Bus Tickets Ahead of Time As You Cannot Buy Tickets On The Bus While In Transit

6. A Ticket Can Take You Anywhere In Rome

As said above, Rome’s Public Transport is perhaps the cheapest among all. And, the greatest thing about Rome is that all its public transport tickets are integrated which means you can take a ticket to anywhere to travel in Rome. You don’t need to buy different tickets for Metro, Trams, Trains or Buses. You can board a train from Piramide Metro and go straight to Ostia Lido – Rome’s local beach.

7. Keep An Eye On Your Luggage

With a crime rate of 41% per thousands of residents, Rome has the highest crime rate in Italy. Though violent crimes are less, petty crimes like Bag Snatching and pickpocketing remain high always. Therefore, we add this to our list of the best Rome Travel Tips – always keep an eye on your luggage.

8. Dress Appropriately In Church

There are over 900 churches in Rome and Peter’s Basilica is one of the most impressive churches in the world. While they are frankly incredible and preserve the country’s most incredible artwork, you must visit them. But make sure, you follow these Rome Travel Tips and dress appropriately before entering these holy places.

9. Visit Museums On Sunday

museums in Rome

Do you want to save on museum tickets in Rome? Here are the best Rome Travel Tips for you. Rome’s state-owned museums, galleries, archeological sites, parks, and gardens are free on the first Sunday of each month. The lines start early in the morning so show early to get access at the earliest. 

Note: You’ll still need to pay a little fee for a special exhibition. If you’re fond of exploring gothic castles, here’s our list of the most splendid castles in Europe.

10. Learn Some Basic Italian Phrases

Italian language

You might wonder but only 29% of the Italians speak English. Italian is the native language for Italy and 95% of Roman citizens don’t speak English. So, if you don’t want to come across a language barrier while traveling to Rome, consider this from the best Rome Travel Tips and learn some basic Italian Phrases.

Basic Italian Phrases to Learn Before Traveling to Rome

  • Hello! -> Ciao!
  • Thank You -> Grazie!
  • Good Morning -> Buon Giorno
  • Good Night -> Buona Notte
  • Do You Speak English? -> Parla Inglese?
  • Could You Speak A Bit Slow? -> Può parlare lentamente?

That’s all that could help you travel across ancient Rome like a pro. If there’s else that you want to know, you can share it in the comments below. The happy journey ahead!

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