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10 Countries That Imposed Covid-19 Travel Restrictions Again?

covid-19 travel restriction again

If you are planning to travel, be aware of the covid-19 travel restrictions imposed by countries. With the second wave of the pandemic, most countries have banned entries and sealed their international borders too. As published in reports, the second wave of coronavirus is even stronger & deadliest. 

When the vaccine has already rolled out but has not reached maximum people around the world, this virus is more deadly and infectious and it is not certain yet that the existing vaccine can work against it. Considering this, most countries have already imposed restrictions on traveling abroad and some are planning on lifting restrictions. Because the health risks are more with this new and emerging strain of the Coronavirus.

Covid-19 Travel Restrictions

Check out the list of the countries that have extended the travel restrictions

The countries which are battling with the new strain of Coronavirus have again announced Covid-19 traveling restrictions while some are starting to relax certain rules.


The country is suffering from a new Coronavirus strain, unlike others. With the internal curfew from 10 PM to 6 AM, Albania has also banned international flights. 


Currently, in lockdown, Hotels are closed and restaurants are open for takeaway, Austria is not open for tourists. The country is also imposing a curfew from 8 Pm to 6 PM. 

Traveling Banned- South Africa and Brazil flights are currently banned.

Banned Until Further Notice


The country has recently strict Covid-19 travel restrictions and extended the state emergency until April. The government has recently updated its traveling guidelines with 5 days quarantine for travelers arriving from EU countries. 


The Finnish government has extended traveling restrictions until April 17 to control the rapid spread of Coronavirus.

Traveling Banned – All countries except Singapore, Australia, Vatican, New Zealand, South Korea, and Rwanda. 

Banned Until 17 April


The country has again tightened the borders for the next 15 days after the spike in coronavirus cases. No arrivals are allowed from the areas which are highly infected with the new variant.  

Flights are banned Until Further Notice


France now has again strict Covid-19 travel restrictions to help to control the rising cases with the regional lockdown and all travel to and from other countries.    

Traveling Banned – Traveling to and from all countries outside the EU.

Banned Until Further Notice


Australia’s borders are closed until further notice due to the increasing cases of COVID-19. You can only enter Australia if you Australian Citizen or you have permanent residence or in exceptional cases. 

Traveling Banned- To and from all countries

Banned Until Further Notice

New Zealand

New Zealand borders are again closed after the spike in Coronavirus cases and you can only enter if you are a New Zealand Citizen, have permanent residence, or in exceptional cases. 

Traveling Banned- To and from all countries

Banned Until Further Notice

United Kingdom

The country is currently in full national lockdown with high traveling restrictions. There would be a fine of up to £10,000 and prison if quarantine rules are not followed. 

No lockdown will be ease until June


Switzerland is very strict with COVID-19 protocols. If you are traveling to high-risk areas you will be denied entry into the country to stop the spread of infection. 

Flights Banned– Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, and many other countries. 

So if you’re planning to travel these countries or any other, hold on! Because most of the countries have already banned international flights and traveling to and from high-risk areas.

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