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best places to visit and things to do in the sahara desert

With thousands of travelling ideas in everyone’s mind, it is quite tough to plan a journey that etches in your mind forever. However, there are very few places in the list of incredible tourist places on the planet and Sahara Desert is probably one among those outstanding tourist places in the world.

Having sand dunes across Morocco’s eastern border, this is the largest desert in the world where you experience some of the most stunning and never imagined landscapes and delights of nature. Spans across 11 countries this 3.5 miles long desert is known as the hottest place on the planet and thousands of mysteries are graved in this merciless world of sand where things are unpredictable as the land itself is called an illustration.

From planning a trip to have some couple moments underneath the starless sky, or to savour some ultimate tastes from the lap of Egypt, supercool tourists end up planning a trip to the Sahara Desert to challenge their enthusiasm to explore the rarest sites on the earth. 

Over the years, we have helped thousands of passionate backpackers to plan a fantastic trip to their desired destinations. From the delights of the great Himalayan mountain range to south and north Indian food tours, we have introduced our readers to some of the best tourist destinations in the world. Here are the best tourist places in Sahara Desert that can be your next trip to explore the facts about Egypt — the land of unsolved mysteries, where it all begins.

Best Tourist Places to Visit in The Sahara Desert — The Land of Surprises

These are stunning and picturesque places to visit in the Sahara Desert where you cannot miss to go even if you are not a professional adventure seeker. Just scroll down to explore the best and ultimate tourist places in Sahara Desert, Egypt.

White Desert Tour

Introducing backpackers to one of the best and most amazing parts of the Sahara Desert, White Desert was once a part of an ocean that gradually decays from history itself. Formerly a part of Fauna and Flora, this isolated place is now captured with numerous strange-shape white sand rocks. You better visit here to experience the most beautiful side of this deserted place either in the morning or in the evening when the sun goes off. 

Siwa Oasis Tour

Embracing thousands of olive and date trees, this place allows the travellers experiencing how an Oasis feels alike. Natural springs, captivating gardens and mesmerising marshy landscape, things will never let your eyes blink. And it’s just a perfect destination to plan a leisure trip to the Sahara Desert.

Farafra Oasis Tour

Are you planning to explore each side of the Sahara Desert and let people know that the desert can take them beyond the historical pyramid and sand dunes? If yes, then this is the place where you must be. With it’s timeless and stunning beauty the place will stay in your heart forever.

Wadi Al Hitan Tour

Located amid the Fayoum Oasis, what makes this place wonderful is the skeletons of dead whales, it also refers to the valley of the whales that used to be an ocean before drought. And, of course, there are numerous reasons why one would like to be here. This is the place of delights in the Sahara Desert where an abandoned ocean comes in with thousands of Sea Fossils.

The Eastern Desert in Egypt

Also known  as Arabian Desert, this place often referred to the land of Aladin where the story of Ali Baba and Forty Thieves is said to be developed. This captivating piece of land in the Sahara Desert is famous for its outstanding grace and eye-catching charm that runs beyond the territories of Egypt’s Pyramids. You can experience some of the most luxurious lifestyles of Morocco here in the tents and do adventurous activities. 

Temple of Hibis

It is probably the most preserved temple ever found in the Kharga Desert amid the Sahara Desert. The reason why this place is more popular among the tourists than any other destination or tourist place in the Sahara Desert is it is well preserved and has a historical link.

Temple of Qasr Dush

This is another ancient and historical structure found in the Kharga Oasis, Sahara Desert, Egypt. Well, experts believe that there would be more than thousands of untouched, secret Archaeological sites graved in this desert. However the land walks around the unsolved mysteries of history. It’s easy to reach and you can also plan a solo trip to this stunning destination.

The Dakhla Oasis

Having roots in the Western Part of the Sahara Desert in Egypt, Dakhla Oasis is one of the renowned tourist places in the Sahara Desert where the visitors go more than others. Greenery amid the drought deserted places seems like a gem in the crown.

Black Desert Tour

Everyone loves black until it dips, something in it’s grace and charm. Here is a little piece of the Great Sahara Desert that is black, even matte black where the real and most alluring side of this desert comes in. You discover your niches in a naked and isolated place in the Sahara Desert, Egypt.

Monastery of Saint Paul

The desert is itself a mystery and this Monastery of Saint Paul is an astonishing historical site in Egypt that marks the evidence of Cristianity in the Eastern Desert of Egypt. It is one among the most ancient religious sites in the Red Desert or Sahara Desert in Egypt. It’s enchanting and interesting as well and worth a visit with your beloved and family.

Monastery of Saint Anthony

You wouldn’t even feel that you are in a desert that was once an ocean because this Monastery is located in a very stunning side of the Desert amid the towering sand dunes or lime rocks. It’s such an amazing part of the Desert that makes it the land of dreamlike delights.

Mut of Ethnographic Museum

This is a small but notable town, located in the Dakhla Oasis. This small museum introduces the travellers to the lifestyle and culture of the people of Egypt and the tribes were in The Sahara Desert. You must visit here to explore an unseen and explored side of the Arabian Desert.

The English House

The Valley of Golden Mummies is here where thousands of mummies have been found by the archaeological team. The major and only attraction or reason to visit this place is to experience a walk through the museum where the golden mummies painted with gild have been settled down.

Cleopatra’s Bath

People who ever talked about this most beautiful and mysterious lady of Egypt would never miss a visit to this place where she used to take a bath. This is a natural spring where the bubbles develop through the ground the queen used to be here. Cleopatra’s mummy was found amid several supernatural circumstances, therefore this place is more popular than others.

Things to do in Sahara Desert

There are thousands of things to do here, but these are some famous things to do in the Sahara Desert where you can reach easily.

Hunt for fossils

You can visit Wadi Al Hitan where millions of Sea Fossils can be found, including the biggest mammal, whale’s skeleton.

Visit with a semi-nomadic family

A few families depend on the tourism in Egypt and exist to help travellers explore the bright and the dark side of the Sahara Desert.

Listen to Gnawa Music

Get ready to move your body on the most pleasing tunes ever.

Explore the sand dunes

Erg Chebbi or Erg Chigaga sand dunes: these are famous places to experience this.

Tour Sijilmasa

This is another famous oasis neighbouring the Dakhla Oasis where you can reach to experience real life in the Arabian Desert.

Shop Like A Local

What is better than establishing yourself as a local and wandering in the streets of Egypt in search for something that could amaze your friends? Get set, go explore the Egyptian market.

 What to Wear in Sahara Desert

Morocco is more like a religious place than tourist destinations therefore it’s better to be up with traditional clothes while travelling in the Sahara Desert. And women may be asked to cover up the body parts considered private. And as a general rule, you must cover your body properly before hitting the hottest desert in the world namely the Sahara Desert.

Best time to Visit Sahara Desert

You can plan a trip to the Sahara Desert between May and October because the temperature in the daylight remains cool and pleasant these days. And during the winters (December and January) the temperature may freeze your body during nights.

 These are some important things to keep in your mind while travelling to the largest desert in the world that contain thousands of mysteries in the bodies and are ready to amaze you like never before. We have mentioned everything but still if the blog lacks something, then let us know in the comment section.

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