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Top 5 Most-visited Spellbinding Tourist Places in Iceland You Can Visit Anytime

tourist places in iceland

One of the most engrossing countries from the list famous and beautiful European countries, Iceland is a piece of heaven, a Nordic island nation is often described by the authors and explorers as an enchanting land offering serene and scenic views with volcanoes, geysers, hot water springs, lava fields, and of course, stunning green lush meadows and pastures. Encircling massive glaciers and world-famous trekking points, Iceland is now the most staggering tourist place, famous for its splendor of enrapturing tourist attractions that make one of the finest destinations to visit on the planet.

From awe-inspiring snow-laden glaciers to smashing hot springs and venturesome active volcanoes, Iceland is a place where nature leaves no stone unturned to be etched on the mind. And the most exciting fact about this nation is that the whole population lives in the capital Reykjavik from where you can capture some unparalleled and spellbinding viewpoints of sea and mountain peaks on the planet earth. 

The land of Fire & Ice in the world-famous online series ‘Game of Thrones’ is inspired by this magical land of miracles where both ice and fire lie together. From music, architecture, cuisines, to art, Iceland has a well-preserved culture and known for its heritage of literature. Here in this blog, we have put together some of the most sensational tourist attractions in Iceland where you can visit anytime. These remote tourist places in Iceland are impressive and ready to welcome passionate travelers like you. Get ready to explore the land of wonders — inspired by Iceland.

Top 5 Offbeat Tourist Attractions in Iceland on The Land of Ice and Fire

1. Blue Lagoon (Geothermal Spa)

Home to some of the most beautiful and spellbinding wonders of the world, Blue Lagoon, Iceland is an engrossing place where the power of geothermal seawater paves the way to transformational spa experiences. Set at a distance of the 40-minute drive from the capital city Reykjavik, Blue Lagoon is undoubtedly an outstanding tourist place and most iconic hot water springs in the world. It’s a must-visit place in Iceland since 1976, it was noticed by locals — as they claim it’s beneficial for both health and skin. The milky blue water is enchanting as you may have seen blue water lakes or tortoise water, but it’s completely out of focus and impressive. 

2. Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

Also known as Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights are perhaps the most interesting experiences in Iceland. The land of Sagas offers a range of the most spectacular shows on the planet earth, including the solstice lights across the sky when it gets dark. The best time to experience this unforgettable natural light show is, of course, between September and March because the nights are long in Iceland during this phase. Since the appearance of the northern lights is unpredictable most hotels and lodge operators call their customers if the light appears so that you can either admire the wonder of nature from your window or go near for a better experience.

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3. Landmannalaugar Nature Reserve

One of the most isolated places in Iceland seems like the imagination of an artist. With its enrapturing multicolored picturesque landscape, it lies in the south of Iceland, 180 kilometers from Reykjavik. The major tourist attractions here in this mythical part of Iceland are, the most scenic but mysterious mustard-colored, multihued Rhyolite mountains, and of course, Hekla Volcano and lava fields. You can do hiking or horse riding here as Iceland is popular among the serious hikers around the world. You can visit here between late June to September after which the roads are blocked and this is the best time to visit the Landmannalaugar to explore the wonders of nature. 

4. Dettifoss Waterfall

Marked as the second most powerful and engaging waterfall in Europe after Rhine Waterfalls, Dettifoss Waterfall lies in Vatnajökull National Park in Northeast Iceland. It’s undoubtedly the most stunning place on the earth with eye-catching grace and attributes. With the water falling from 45 meters, it’s the most powerful waterfall with a width of 100 meters from the east side of the river Jökulsa. Scenic landscape and engaging scenery here will be etched on your mind forever. Get ready with your upgraded cameras to capture the delights of nature here. 

5. jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

With world-famous tourist attractions like Diamond Beach and Glaciers, Jökulsárlón is a heavenly place in southeastern Iceland. One of the most popular wonders of Iceland, this is a glacier lake in Iceland, where you will witness the most engaging and spellbinding side of nature. This glacier lagoon flows towards a short waterway that falls into the Atlantic Ocean. Thousands of fishes come here during the winter season, which causes seals and penguins here. The floating ice in the glacier lagoon is what attracts the tourists. These crystal clear ice cubes head towards the riverfront that is called ‘Diamond Beach’ another alluring place to visit in Iceland. 

From historic cafes and boat tours, you can try some of the most amazing activities here in Iceland that must be on the list of every traveler walking through snow-laden mountain peaks or green lush meadows. Iceland is perhaps the best way to explore the most beautiful remote place in the mysterious world. You can book a day Blue Lagoon tour to experience a natural steam bath, and of course, capture spectacular scenes of nature. 

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