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Things To Remember While Wandering In The Streets Of Incredible Oman

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Encircled with numerous spectacular tourist destinations, the sultanate of Oman suits all types of travelers. From delighting the couples with its picturesque desert to engage families into remarkable historic forts and sun-kissed mountain ranges, this heavenly beautiful place is surrounded by the Gulf of Oman and backed by the Arabian Sea. If you are planning to visit here and think your bucket is complete then wait a while before you go through the list of things to keep in mind while traveling to Oman.

1. It’s Beyond the London-Paris

Undoubtedly, you cannot consider a trip to Oman similar to London, Paris or other European countries. From admiring the breathtaking architecture of Qasr Al Alam Royal Place in Muscat to tracking around the extravagant mountainous range in Jebel Akhdar, every place will be etched in your mind forever. Just like your nursery poems, you wouldn’t forget the way the sun dissolves into the great ocean here at Masirah Island. Full of adventurous and daring sports, Oman is all set to turn your trip into an unforgettable memory.

Besides its picturesque and engaging tourist place, Oman is home to thousands of mouthwatering delicious dishes. If you are a foodie then you will get a lot to savor including scrumptious seafood, Omani Halwa and special Handmade Omani Bread and Biscuits.

2. The Omani Culture

Packing your bags is not enough to witness an impressive trip to Oman. Apart from knowing tourist places and Best Places to eat in Oman, you have to take a look at the culture of Oman. Though it’s an Islamic Country like Dubai and UAE its culture is what makes Oman one of the most beautiful gulf countries. We can define the unique culture of Oman on the following bases.

  • Social Etiquettes in Oman– People show their respect toward their elders by shaking hands while touching their nose to show gratitude to their youngsters.
  • Public Mockery and Criticism is an offense– Just like any European country, you cannot make fun of people in the streets, even mockery and any kind of hurt to the sentiments is an offense in Oman.
  • The Omani Dress Code to Shop Like a Local– Dress is something that defines the culture of any Country. In the UAE, people wear ‘Jubba’ but Oman has two types of dresses for Women. Long dresses below the knees are allowed to be worn in hotels and public places. Men are allowed to wear trousers and a shirt with full sleeves. Tight, body-fitted clothes are strictly restricted in Oman. Note: Shorts and Beach wears are only allowed at the beach.
  • Beach Etiquettes in Oman– picking up seashells, touching turtle’s eggs and fishing is prohibited at the beach.

You can experience another level of traveling by following these etiquettes. The enchanting desert produces merciless heat during daylight. Therefore, we suggest spending an evening in Muscat.

 3. Best Time to Travel Oman

If you are planning to visit Oman then mark any date between October and March. This phase of the year is ideal for traveling to Oman. During the earlier winter when a constant temperature keeps the air fresh, you can pack your bags and fly for Oman.

Here is all the important information about your trip to Oman has been poured into words in the following lines. Though this information is supposed to ensure a happy trip for you, you can go through different websites to answer your other queries. Also, you better rent a car for better enjoyment in Oman.

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