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10 Best Food Destination in The World For A Delicious Trip

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No, we’re not complaining about your mother’s food. We know she cooks the best food in the Universe. But if you’re a foodie and all-time curious to taste different cuisines from different countries then you would have to take a world food tour (take your MOM with you, so that she will get an opportunity to learn more dishes for you). 

People often look for the best food destinations in the world when they are abroad. They get indulged in the beauty of high buildings, beautiful beaches, lush green forests, and snowy mountains but forget about savoring the cultural foods and the facts behind them. 

Every country or a particular place is known for some specialty and has some prominent native dishes which they can offer to tourists as their love for them which tourists take with them to their country. 

Love for food is unconditional. The impact food can have on your overall traveling experience, attractive places, adventurous points and things to do can’t make you satisfied. Taste is the thing that attracts tourists again and again and this is the thing they will remember for prolonged. 

Well, the beautiful and delicious dishes are favorite among everybody. Even if you are not foodies but you won’t deny tasting the delicious and mouthwatering cuisines for sure. Though the world is packed with numerous expensive and franchises restaurants where you can get varieties of dishes of your choice for a hungry stomach and taste of your tongue. But are these cuisines awry? Are these sufficient to satisfy you? Are these the ones that touched your heart from the bottom? If you’re still away from exhilarating dishes, we’ll provide you a list of the best food destinations in the world

Because, to identify which country has what best food in the world might puzzle you. Let’s begin with your excitement because these countries are worth considering for having the best foods in the world!

“Good food ends with good talk.”

1. India 

Ranked as the 2nd highly populated country in the world, India is overwhelmed with its colorful culture, religion, tradition, and its palatable food. India is a country that is popular for its native culture where the majority of Indians are vegetarians. Traditional Indian foods use a variety of species to add flavor to the food. And there is nothing wrong to say that “Any Food Cooked By Indians is Itself Tasty” as they add love in their food. It is also said that Indians are dedicated to their cooking as they “Live Food, Love Food, and Respect Food”. Indians tend that- 

“First we eat, then we do everything else.” 

If you’re enlisting the top 10 best food destinations in the world, then there is no valid reason to miss India and it must be on top as well. 

There is a lot to tell about Indian cuisines and tastes like it can be spicy and simple as per your taste. Dal, Malai Kofta, Palak Paneer, Chole-Bhature, Sambhar Vada/Dosa are some famous dishes of India and available in most of the restaurants. But if you’re looking for a Non-Vegetarian then India has something for you. People in large numbers love Tandori Chicken, Butter Chicken, Malabar Fish Biryani, etc.  

Must Savour: Paneer Butter Masala, Mix Veg Pulao

2. Italy

Italy is well-known for its cultural activities, besides this, it is no less in offering some famous foods that are prominent all over the world. Well, it is hard to describe Italian dishes in words, it would be better to enjoy it. Italian dishes are color vibrant- green, red, yellow always create a great mixture of flavour and taste. Tomatoes, olive oils are the main ingredients of the cuisines and usually used in every dish. One special thing to notice is the dishes are rich in freshness. So never skip tasting the Italian dishes if you’re planning for Italy. 

Must Savour: Of course,Pizza and Pasta

“All happiness depends on leisurely dining”

3. Thailand

Well, the country is best known for its tourist attraction and attracts large numbers of tourists every year because of its attractions and things to do. From luxurious affordable resorts to some beautiful beaches, enchanting attractions and adventurous points, the country is no less in offering delicious cuisines. Enjoying Thai Food is also one of the things to do in Thailand. Like many other countries, Rice is also one of the main ingredients of Thai Food and used in most of the dishes. The word ‘Food’ in Thai literally means ‘Rice’. These dishes are some lime, spicy, sweet, and salty. 

Must Savour: Tom Yam Goong, Pad Thai

4. France

France will never disappoint you if you’re looking for the best food destinations in the world. It is worth appreciating French Cuisine as it has a variety of dishes to serve on the plate. From fresh seafood in the north from the south posh restaurants in Paris to Mediterranean herbs. And notably, every dish can be served with a wine that enhances the taste. Wine lovers have a good opportunity to enjoy the moment. 

Must Savour: Coq au vin, Boeuf bourguignon

5. Mexico

Another place where foodies can indulge themselves in the inexhaustible flavours and colors of the species in Mexico. If you really want to dive into the taste of some plausible cuisines then nothing can beat Mexico. If you’re listing the destinations which have best food in the world then missing Mexico in the list is not worth it. Mexican dishes can really provide a round of experience in the taste. The basic food items of the Mexican dishes are pepper, beans, corn, etc that not only enhance the tastes but also make the food rich in color. 

Must Savour: Tostadas, Elote

6. Spain

If you don’t want to miss to savour the single dish then Spain would be your next country. Spanish is the food that is cooked with great passion and enthusiasm and this is the thing that makes Spanish food more delicious and prominent among the tourists. The Spanish plate displays so much color and excellent taste. The most exotic food in Spain could be found in the streets where you can enjoy delicious treats that you can’t find in restaurants. 

One of the best and healthy things about Spanish food is it is served to utilize Olive oil. Isn’t it one healthy reason to taste Spanish food? Place Span in the list of  best food in the world.

Must Savour: Paella, Crema Catalana

 You’ll think well, sleep well, and live well, if you’ve dined well.

7. Japan

If someone asks you to give one reason to visit then it would be its exotic cuisines. Yes, Japan is one of the list of best food in the world countryIf you want to add more taste in your memory then Japan will not disappoint you. Besides offering various tourist attractions, Japan also serves taste on plates to its tourists. It is quite impressive that they’ve maintained their indigenous culture and traditions. Most interesting thing is, when the rest of the world was using Knives and forks to eat food, Japan was trying to do something different while trying to eat with chopsticks. 

Must Savour: Sushi, Sashimi

8. Greece

If you’re willing to have some core ingredients on your plate then must try Greek dishes. There is nothing wrong with saying that Greece is one of the most famous places for its dishes. There are many things that can be tried here in restaurants and streets as well. From salads to hot dishes, sweet to soups, from traditional to cheap, Greece has everything for everyone. Fast foods of Greece are epic that you can find anywhere on the Streets, Bars, Small Shops, and cafes. All foods are served with dipping sauce and wine that make them more attractive.   

Must Savour: Grilled Meat, Olives and olive oil

9. USA

There is no reason to miss the USA on the list of best food destinations in the world. The USA is prominent among all the world for its fast food and there are many big fast-food restaurants that are successful all over the world like McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, etc. They know the perfect art of making Pizza, French Fries, HamBurger, Chocolate Chip Cookies, etc. If you’re in search of a destination with sweet and palatable cuisine then the USA should be your next destination.

Must Savour: HamBurger, Apple Pie

10. China

Another huge country in the list of best countries for best food in the world is China. There is no need to tell much about China as Chinese food is popular among youth drastically. Besides their technical skills, China is no less in culinary skills. China actually serves taste on the plates and attracts a large number of foodies. Because of its few dishes, people all over the world like Chinese items and some famous Chinese dishes are Noodles, Manchurian, Spring Rolls, Dumplings, etc.

Must Savour: Fried Rice, Dumplings

Unlike other trips, food tours are always special and give burts flavour in the mouth. Take a tour from India to Thailand, the USA to Japan, Spain to France, and experience sour to sweet, salty to spicy amazing tastes. Each dish has a tantalizing aroma and something unforgettable. 

This list of the best food destinations in the world will not disappoint you. What your experience in food till now would definitely be less before these countries. So let’s dive into the taste, aroma, and texture of the cuisines. 

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