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Top Tourist Attractions 2021 | Best Places to Visit in Switzerland

Best Place to visit in Switzerland

Ready to explore the majestic beauty of Switzerland? We’ve shortlisted some best places to visit in Switzerland so that you won’t miss a beat to enjoy the most glorious attractions and attributes of the most popular tourist destination in the world among the tourists.

So gather your itinerary and pack your bags and let’s go to the depth and peak of Switzerland that contains breathtaking mountains to dreamy turquoise lakes, picturesque landscapes to articulate skyscrapers. Seems interesting, right? Yes, Switzerland is the dream destination for almost everyone for these reasons only. It grabs the attention of endless tourists every year because of its unspoken attributes, entrancing attractions, and lush green meadows. 

Switzerland may be a small place to visit but there is so much to explore. Swiss chocolate, Swiss cheese, and clocks are some common attributes of Switzerland that you must be knowing already but do you know this small place holds a heavenly beauty that anyone might be looking for some truly picturesque and sweeping vacay. However, Switzerland is definitely not a cheap country but the country has a perfect combination of ingredients that please any tourist – like the best places to visit, things to do, and many more. 

To give a taste of the best of it, here is the list of best scenic places to visit in Switzerland.

Best Picks Of Top Places To Visit In Switzerland That You Shouldn’t Miss

1. Matterhorn

The pyramid-shaped giant mountain is one of the highest and most photographed mountains in the world and that is what makes it the best place to visit in Switzerland. Standing at an impressive 4,478 meters, these adventurous mountains are approached by thrill-seeking mountaineers from all around the globe. Don’t worry if you’re acrophobic but curious to reach the peak of the Matterhorn, the mountain is home to the highest cable car station in the Alp, which also offers some worth capturing views of the snowy mountain peak and beyond. 

You Shouldn’t Miss-

  • Skiing
  • Visiting Matterhorn Museum
  • Capturing photos to add to your Instagram blog

2. Schweizerischer National park

Well, Switzerland is home to various natural wonders besides Swiss Chocolate, and Schweizerischer Nationalpark is one of them. In the country with amazing skyscrapers at every step, it is hard to find a natural scenic palace where you can breathe fresh air. But let us tell you that Switzerland is also known for its natural greenery and amazing scenery. As the country’s only national park, Schweizerischer Nationalpark will tell you the cost of natural beauty. From snow-crusted glaciers to captivating meadows, this place has everything to be the best place to visit in Switzerland.  

You Shouldn’t Miss- 

  • Exploring one of the hiking routes of the park
  • Witnessing the bear that roams in the park
  • Checking out the skies-golden eagles live

3. Geneva Lake

Do you want to explore more beauty in Switzerland? Our list hasn’t ended yet. The beauty of Switzerland is not limited to giant mountains and lush green national park, but Geneva Lake is another captivating yet best place to visit in Switzerland. From the international bustle of Geneva to the many vineyards that crawl up hillside around the lake, there are plenty of things to do in the surrounding region of Geneva Lake. If you’re curious to enjoy water activities, windsurfing, water skiing, and kayaking are the possible activities that a tourist can explore here. Otherwise, you can simply sit back and enjoy the beauty of the tranquil lake. 

You Shouldn’t Miss- 

  • Savoring local wines
  • Taking the perfect Jet d’eau photo in Geneva
  • Trying night-skiing in the mountains

4. Lucerne

In the picture-perfect lakeside city, there is nothing much more impressive than Lucerne city. It is a compact city in Switzerland known for its preserved medieval architecture. Sits amid snow-capped mountains on the shore of Lake Lucerne, is the most beautiful yet best place to visit in Switzerland where you’ll be forgotten for thinking you’ve stepped into a painting. The city houses several ancient churches, bustling squares, and plenty of boutiques to explore. There is nothing better than wandering around the captivating old town, but the highlight of the city is the Chapel Bridge, a wooden bridge that has been connecting the center of Lucerne since 1333. 

You Shouldn’t Miss- 

  • Capturing the wow view of the majestic Chapel bridge.
  • Visiting Switzerland’s transport museum.
  • Exploring the beauty where the lake and mountain meets.

5. Chateau de Chillon

Visiting Switzerland and Chateau de Chillon is not on your bucket list? Not worthy at all! Chateau de Chillon is one of the popular attractions and the best place to visit in Switzerland. Located on the island in Lake Geneva, Chateau de Chillon is the castle that dates back to the 10th century, when it was used as a strategic water fort. Later, it became the lakeside home for the wealthy Counts of Savoy. Today, it has become the most-visited historical monument and a must-see attribute of Switzerland where the visitors can explore the art and treasure of the country.  

You Shouldn’t Miss- 

  • Enjoying the boat ride from Montreux town to the castle.
  • Exploring the impressive weapons room and other art and treasures. 
  • Entering the castle’s three sumptuous great halls. 

However, the list is not completed yet. There are so many other beautiful spots that you should visit if you’re visiting Switzerland to explore the natural beauty, such as- 

  • Zurich – The largest Swiss City
  • Rinch Falls – The Most Adventurous Waterfalls
  • Bern – The Capital City Of Switzerland
  • Lugano – A Home To Plenty Of Museums 
  • Jungfraujoch – The best trekking place to visit in Switzerland

By considering these best places to visit in Switzerland, you can visit irresistible places that probably you haven’t imagined exploring in your life. The beauty of Switzerland is unspoken and can’t be expressed in words, however, we’ve tried to take you to the dreamland via our magical words. So if you like our combination of picks and selection of words to express the attributes of the attraction, motivate us by commenting below. 

Also, tell your favorite place that you have enjoyed the most on your trip.

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