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10 Top Exciting Things To Do In Jersey City


Looking for cool things to do in Jersey City? Discover the street life, majestic art, and delectable food in Jersey City, check exciting things to do in Jersey City in this quick guide.

The city, known for incredible restaurants and bars, there are actually countless fun activities to enjoy besides alcoholic beverages. From dance classes to food courts, local retail stores to discos, Jersey City has something for everyone. 

Formerly popular for immigrants working in the shipping and manufacturing industries, now it has transformed into a modern urban community. According to WalletHub’s annual diversity study, Jersey City has been ranked No. 1 while beating New York City which ranked 6th among the most diverse cities in America. The presence of so many cultural vibes of the country has made the city so. 

However, no place in the U.S is less but the flavor that Jersey City offers to locals, as well as tourists, is outmatched. If you’re planning to visit America for official purposes or on a family vacation, don’t skip Jersey city in your itinerary because if you do so, you probably miss the most thrilling moment of your life that might include killer music venues, verdant parks, delicious cuisines, street art, enchanting views and many more.

New Jersey City

Here is the list of things to do in Jersey City that you shouldn’t miss exploring to make the most of your U.S trip.

1. Rock the Floor of the White Edge Hall

If you’re in Jersey City, there is a concert space called White Edge Hall which is completely rocking, so you must visit there. It offers a complete package of enjoyment under one roof. White Edge Hall is a music, theater, and dining venue in a restored historic building in the village neighborhood of Downtown Jersey City. The building was once a vast Bingo hall and it itself echoes with pre-rock & roll history. This place is enough to please you if you’re bored with daily life.

2. Dine on the Edge of the Hudson at Battello

If you’re looking for something romantic, dine at this waterside restaurant is the perfect place to date your partner. Battello restaurant has a range of creations that are enough to impress a girl within seconds. From the dinner menu of classy and tasty Italian-inspired meals to the slow melodious music and beautiful decorative lighting, this amazing restaurant perhaps can offer the view that any girl dreams of. Enjoying the finest dinnertime view from the Hudson River is perhaps one of the best things to do in Jersey City. 

3. Wander the Broadwalks of the J. Owen Grundy Park

Jutting into the water of the upper bay from the eastern edge of Jersey City and wandering the boardwalks of J. Owen Grundy Park is another thing to do in Jersey City. It is the most beautiful yet finest place in Jersey City to get a clear view of New York City and the Statue of Liberty. Strolling during the summer months is very common to see along with jogging and yoga classes on the weekends. You should not miss visiting this place on weekends if you want to read the mind of local people here.

4. Explore the Liberty Science Center

If you’re more than anything curious about science, exploring Liberty Science Center is one of the things to do in Jersey city for you. This place has been serving science exhibitions to the travelers of New York and Chilltown for more than 20 years. It holds the world’s largest exposure of skyscraper construction and design, Energy Quest, and the adrenaline-pumping Wildlife challenge as its permanent collection. There is also an interesting add-on dedicated to the Hungarian Rubik’s Cube along with an adjoining IMAX theatre.

5. Check out the Statue of Liberty National Museum

No trip to America could possibly be complete without checking out America’s most defining Monument – The Statue of Liberty. Standing tall in the water besides ‘Ellis Island’, the site is instantly recognizable. Formerly reverted as the monumental greeting, there is a lot to experience which is why it is one of the things to do in Jersey City. But if you are visiting Jersey City for the first time, you probably don’t know how to visit Statue of Liberty and tips to explore it at its best, you better learn a step-to-step guide.  

If you’re thinking that list of things to do in Jersey City has ended, you are wrong. These were the most popular things that should be in your itinerary, but the rest that you should also consider if you have enough time to spend there are mentioned below:

6. See the pretty row houses of Paulus Hook

7. Drink coffee and eat pizza at Grove Square

8. Have a beer and a meal at the Light Horse Tavern

9. Feel the power at the Hudson and Manhattan River

10. Party at the night in Hoboken

So, now when you have a fantastic list of things to do in Jersey City, what are you waiting for? Find your partner, pack your bags, book your tickets and fly to Jersey City and let’s know your experience by commenting below.

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