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Ministry of Tourism to Uplift Cross Border Buddhist Tourism In India

India Tourism Ministry to Boost Buddhist Tourism

Indian Tourism and Cultural Minister Prahalad Singh Patel has recently inaugurated a webinar on cross border tourism and announced plans to boost Buddhist tourism in India.

With four major sites of pilgrimage: the Buddha’s birthplace Lumbini, Bodh Gaya: where he attained enlightenment, Banaras, and Parinirvana at Kushinagar, India is a popular place among Buddha devotees and popular for some ancient Buddhist sites.

Despite being a country profoundly associated with the life of Gautam Buddha, a few Buddhist explorers are pulled into attraction. Mr. Patel during an online facilitated by the association of Buddhist Tour Operators highlighted the need for corrective measures.

The online course on cross border tourism was also joined by the agents from the UN peacekeeping councils, Bangladesh, Bhutan, along with the travel & hospitality association of Afghanistan, Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and others.

Officials have confirmed the Ministry of Tourism in India has started working towards giving shape to the development of Buddhist sites and promotional activities to boost cross border tourism.

According to several reports, Patel highlights the requirements that are significant for everybody to discover the reason why India is getting a few tourists from overseas despite having four major pilgrimage Buddhist sites.

He likewise referenced introducing signage in unknown dialects at Buddhist goals in India, for example, Sravasti, Sarnath, Kushinagar, etc. As Sanchi in India gets a ton of Buddhist travelers from Sri Lanka, signages in Sinhalese have likewise been introduced at the landmarks in Sanchi also. 

Patel additionally illuminated the choice of the focal government to transform Kushinagar Airport into a worldwide air terminal so as to support the travel industry and financial possibilities of the locale. 

The Association of Buddhist Tour Operators is the relationship of visit administrators progressing in the direction of empowering Buddhist the travel industry.

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