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Top 10 Best Outdoor Cinemas in The World For An Incredible Date

Outdoor Cinemas in The World

Shakespeare says, “All World is a Stage” but where is the perfect screen in the world? There are millions of theaters around the world, but finding a perfect place with the right settings of the screen, high-quality pictures, and surrounding sound is tough. While closed-box cinemas are no longer in trend, outdoor cinemas are getting huge popularity.

From the scenic views to amazing viewing experiences, these open-air cinemas are doing well. If you are interested to add one to your bucket list, here are the top 10 best outdoor cinemas in the world to go!

1. Cineteca di Bologna, Bologna

One of the best outdoor cinemas in the world, the Cineteca di Bologna is a famous attraction in Bologna. It hosts around 52 shows every summer and the collection includes everything right from documentaries, fiction, romance, silent, and adventure movies. Well-preserved black & white films are also projected here in the city’s Grandiose Piazza Maggiore. 

It all takes place in an event named “Sotto le Stelle del Cinema”, a globally recognized open-air cinema festival.

2. Sala Montjuic, Barcelona

Picnics in Barcelona are slightly different from the world. The Barcelonians beat the heat with one of the best movie festivals of all time, “Sala Montjuic”. An excellent viewing experience within the historic walls of Montjuic Castle makes it a perfect way to enjoy a date. Movies are projected on a big screen in the garden of this spectacular fortress.

What makes it one of the best outdoor cinemas in the world is the enchanting view and a serene viewing experience underneath the starry sky.

3. Cinéma en Plein Air de la Villette, Paris

Situated in the heart of a city, preserving art in the world, Cinéma en Pleinis offers the world’s most pleasing viewing experience ever. It sits amid the meadows in a lush garden surrounded by highlights of Paris, making it undoubtedly one of the free tourist attractions in Paris. Apart from watching movies under the stars, you’ll feel nature embracing slowly.

4. Film Festival Locarno

It is fourth on the list of the best outdoor cinemas in the world, but if we talk about the view, it is perhaps the best one. Each August the city of Locarno transforms into the world’s largest open-air cinemas offering a wide range of movies throughout the festivals. Sitting on the roads surrounded by well-preserved architectural houses makes it a unique choice around the world.

5. Hot Tub Cinema, London

This rooftop open-air cinema takes 5th place on the list, recognized for the amazing viewing experience it offers. Watching your favorite movies, half dipped into hot bathtubs is all that could make your weekend special. It all started with a private pool partner that has now become everyone’s favorite. 

It has no fixed location and can be organized anywhere, from abandoned grounds, rooftops to some of the quirkiest locations around the world. The collection includes all latest, black & white, and blockbuster movies with state-of-the-art sound systems and picture quality.

6. Kino Unter den Sternen in Karlsplatz, Vienna

One of the most glorious outdoor cinemas around the world, the Kino Unter den Sternen in Karlsplatz takes place in the backdrop of a spectacular building in Vienna. Kino Unter den Sternen’s open-air cinema festival has changed the way summers used to be in Vienna. It invites all classical, adventurous, romantic, and documentary lovers. A spectacular viewing experience underneath the starry sky in the shadow of Vienna’s historic St. Charles Church makes it one of the best outdoor cinemas in the world.

7. The Rooftop Film Club, London

To experience the most marvelous watching experience in the world, you will have to move to London. One of the fanciest outdoor cinemas in the world, the Rooftop Film Club offers the most beautiful and scenic views at five most spectacular elevated venues across the capital city, London. Along with watching movies under the stars, you get an enchanting view of the Bussey Building at Peckham Rye, the Roof East Urban Park, Queen of Hoxton in Shoreditch, Kensington Roof Gardens, and Tobacco Dock.

Regardless of its locations, the Rooftop Film Clubs offer a range 0f all blockbuster movies with complemented food and drinks.

8. Gradina cu Filme, Bucharest

Do you love motion and culture movies? Gradina cu Filme festival is undoubtedly one of the best outdoor cinemas in the world. An innovative idea of Creart (Bucharest’s Center of Creation, Art, and Tradition) turns to become Grădina cu Filme – offering more than just cinema. It is a splendid movie garden and terrace, where you can enjoy a lovely musical night, theater, and stand-up comedy with your beloved. It all takes place in the backdrop of lush meadows.

9. Szimpla Kert, Budapest

Situated in Hungary’s formerly abandoned building named Szimpla Kert is not just Budapest’s most popular cafe but also 9th on the list of most popular outdoor cinemas in the world. This ruin cafe offers an amazing watching experience with state-of-the-art sound and picture quality. You can enjoy theme-based film screenings, contemporary art exhibitions, theatre plays, markets, and live music representations. It all comes together to make it the best open-air cinema in the world.

10. Amante Movie Night, Ibiza

Situated at a beach offering rolling wave sound, illuminated rocks, and cool breezes making it one of the most amazing outdoor cinemas in the world, The Amante Movie Night at Ibiza is undoubtedly a place where you should’ve been. An outstanding viewing experience under the Mediterranean sky at the backdrop of the blue ocean makes it a place like a fairy tale. Watching movies at Amante Movie comes with popcorn and wine, making your date a bit more personal and romantic.

There are many other outdoor cinemas in the world, but these 10 are literally unparalleled for their atmosphere and offer an unbeatable experience. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and go!

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