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Top 10 Personally Tested Travel Tips for Students Studying Overseas

Tested Travel Tips for Students

Are you in the twenties? If yes, you’re not too young to travel overseas. And, student traveling is an essential part of most college programs around the world. But traveling overseas for the first time can be slightly challenging. Therefore, we come up with this article suggesting the top 10 personally tested travel tips for students studying overseas. 

Here at Tourtoreview, we believe that our life is a journey and everyone travels throughout it. Though some people have bad experiences and some have good. It all depends on the planning that you do prior to your trip. And, to be honest, the problems related to finances are almost ZERO, it is your mood and excitement that determines your journey.

However, traveling as a student is way different because it’s not just about covering famous tourist attractions or taking food tours. But to go beyond and explore distinctly. Student travel is about visiting infamous places, rural areas, and villages where the culture lies. Though an architectural student won’t find it cool. So, let it be clear about “Why Student Travel is Important”?

Why Student Travel is Important and Should be a Part of All Programs?

Traveling overseas can help students expand their horizons. Adopt a new environment while still maintaining theirs. Find new ways of learning and maybe some languages too. Student travel is the best way to learn new languages, cultures, and get an understanding of the world. Real education comes with experiences and traveling overseas will give you an idea of how people survive and overcome the challenges around the world. Additionally, it helps you learn the marketing trends in the world to turn them into startups.

Sounds exciting? Here are some proven travel tips for students for budget travel. We have personally tested these student travel ideas. If you are a Gap Year Student, you can check out the amazing gap year ideas over here.

Student Travel Tips, We Have Personally Tested for You

1. Buy Health Insurance, Travel and Medevac Insurance

Published on the official website of the US State Department, most U.S. based health insurance providers don’t offer overseas coverage. That means if you fall ill or meet an accident during your overseas trip, all medical expenses will be paid out of your pocket. The same goes for travel insurance as they don’t cover some international expenses, including the accidents that fall under “Act of God”. Therefore, one of the most important travel tips for students is to read all insurance-related documents carefully.

2. Meet Your Doctor at Least a Month Before Departure

This is one of the most essential tips for student travel based on our personal experience. If you don’t travel frequently, you’re more likely to fall ill during your international expedition. You can check the website of “The Center for Disease Control and Prevention” regarding health updates before your departure. It has excessive health information about 200+ destinations. If you’ve any health issues, make sure you carry a prescription along with you.

3. Research The Destination Thoroughly

You are a student therefore this attribute must be in your veins. Needless to say, researching your destination will give you clear insights into your destination before reaching there. Also, check for the safety standard there. In Brazil and Egypt, the Embassy has reported a rise in reports of foreigners being sexually harassed in taxis and public places, especially women. So, be careful and this is one of the top travel tips for students.

4. Keep Copies of Passport in Multiple Pockets

Your passport will be your only identity when traveling overseas. Therefore, better keep copies in advance to show at hotels and other places. Based on what we’ve experienced, we would suggest you keep more than one copy of all the documents. And, this is one of the serious tips for student travel.

5. Don’t Let Finances Interrupt Your Learning

Traveling overseas comes with a good price tag, but student traveling is not as expensive as other trips. You can either talk to your School or College administration to aid towards your independent research or student trip. If you never did this earlier, you should follow one of the best travel tips for students and search for exciting offers & deals from everywhere possible. You can check these tips to book cheap flights anywhere.

6. Understand Your Responsibility Towards Education

I have no time to study. Lack of technology. Where to start. There are so many excuses that you can use, but what is the point of all? Listen, these excuses, just won’t work anymore. You have more control over your education and life than anybody else. And the authority to decide where to learn and how to learn is in your hands. Some students just give up their study when traveling overseas. Therefore, one of the best travel tips for students from Tourtoreview is to stay focused to study.

7. Keep Alternative Communication and Financial Access

While you’re just a student without a billion dollars in your bank account and latest smartphone, we would suggest you keep an alternative for communication and financial access as well. In some countries, your cell phone or ATM card won’t work due to their internal policies and you cannot visit foreign exchanges every time. Also, use a joint account to withdraw money so in case of any fraud your parents will get a notification and put it on alert.

8. Learn the Basic Phrases and Greetings in the Local Language

“Please” and “Thank You” don’t work globally and while you don’t have any ideas where your truck can move, it’s better to learn the basic phrases and greetings in the local languages. These days when the technology has reached everywhere, you can simply use Google Translator to learn immediately. Being a student you must have this quick learning attribute and this is now traveling overseas helps you learn new languages. Let us know whether or not these travel tips for students are helpful.

9. Ready to Deal with Cultural Shock

Cultural Shock” is one of the most common yet weird things that happen with students traveling overseas. Listen, you need to learn and forget quickly. Actually, if not forget then adjust accordingly. Based on what we’ve experienced, we would suggest you be calm and stay connected to your original place to deal with the cultural shock effectively.

10. Learn as Much as Possible

This is undoubtedly one of the most important travel tips for students. See, this is not a summer vacation trip and you’re expected to learn about different cultures and languages. So, stick to what you’re aligned to.

We hope these proven travel tips for students will help you travel across the world conveniently. Let us know what you think about the aforementioned student travel tips. We will be happy to hear from you.

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