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AAA Anticipates Record (Up 54%) Memorial Day Travel This Weekend

Memorial Day Travel This Weekend

The American Automobile Association released its Memorial Day 2021 travel forecast on Tuesday, anticipating that memorial day travel is expected to increase 54% this weekend than in 2020. Nearly 12 million Americans are anticipated to travel by car this holiday, though this is 19% less than the pre-pandemic level.

Airports, eventful places, and corridors are bracing for a busy weekend as Memorial Day approaches. People are more excited as this three-day weekend will mark their first air-trip since the pandemic hit the world in 2019.

With 131 million — almost half of the Americans (50%) adults vaccinated against covid-19, this memorial day weekend becomes more special compared to pre-pandemic events. There will be a lot of rubber tires on roads and feet in Walmart’s security line.

AAA also revealed the worst time for memorial day 2021 travel. According to a report, the worst time for driving across the Chicago area will be between 2:45 and 4:45 before the event. With all significant stores unleashing their Memorial Day Sale on Thursday, the regular afternoon rush might ramp up along with an increasing number of people hitting the road. It could be a panic alarm to traffic snarls throughout the region and beyond this — an increase in covid-cases across the country.

AAA also anticipated the worst corridor to travel during memorial day weekend. The report shows that Interstate 290 west between Morgan Street and Wolf Road might have heavy traffic throughout the weekend.

Drivers are, especially, urged to avoid commuting this time or choose an alternative route for convenient and safe travel. Another report shows that 34.4 million Americans will travel by car over Memorial Day Weekend, 54% more than in 2020 when the pandemic was at its peak.
Where is everyone heading? We don’t know much about it, but AAA and other authorities announced the popular Memorial Day 2021 weekend destinations include: Medico, Hawaii, Las Vegas, California, Pennsylvania, and some of the best national parks in the United States.

Travel by train and bus is also expected to climb from last year (by 28%), but it remains lower than pre-pandemic Memorial Day. The biggest concern on this Memorial Day is the safety against coronavirus because the pandemic is not over yet.

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