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Coronavirus Travel Update: Countries To Visit Without COVID-19 Restrictions

Countries To Visit Without COVID-19 Restrictions

With lockdown easing up the world, many countries have ease traveling and hospitality restrictions and reopen for all domestic and international tourists. As the travel and hospitality industry is reopening following the COVID-19 lockdown, TourToReview suggests you be careful, consult your doctor, follow WHO’s travel guidelines and do deep research before flying anywhere. However, it may be slightly tough and time-taking for you to visit every country’s official website and gauge through the traveling restrictions. Therefore, we have made a list of countries to visit without COVID-19 restrictions. Read on to get more Coronavirus Travel Updates.

The coronavirus has left all of us in a dilemma and dreaming of the tourist places where we will be visiting soon the pandemic has gone. However, we have covered lots of stories about traveling in the post-coronavirus world. While it is clear that traveling and other activities will no longer be the same as they were earlier, we can bet that tourists will experience a whole new side of nature.

But the bad news is that only a few countries are reopening for traveling right now. However, this is enough for traveling and other countries are slowly reopening and the rest of providing timelines on when traveling would be possible. So, if you have been fed up living at home, it’s time to pack your bags and gauge through the list of the best countries to visit without COVID-19 restrictions.

Wait! While you are planning to explore the repaired nature, we request you to read these easy travel tips & ideas for post-coronavirus trips. Once you gauge through this, you can easily pick the best out of the following list of countries to visit without COVID-19 restrictions.

Here is the complete list of countries to visit without COVID-19 restrictions

  1. Austria: One of the happiest countries in the world, Austria resumed traveling on June 16.
  1. Indonesia: With a range of offbeat tourist destinations in Bali, the Indonesian government eased travel restrictions on 1 September.
  1. Belgium: This beautiful country has contributed to the list of the most beautiful canal cities in the world. The administration has continued travel activities since 15 June.
  1. Brazil: Popular among the enthusiastic tourists for its amazing water activities and nightlife, Brazil has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Tourists have been wandering here since 30 July.
  1. Cuba: The old-town in Havana was opened for tourists on 1 July. Here is the list of things to do in Havana, Cuba during your one-day trip. 
  1. Cyprus: This small country offers a lot to passionate tourists. Cyprus is one of the less-affected countries due to COVID-19 that continued hospitality and traveling on 1 June.
  1. Czech Republic: One of the best and safest countries for solo female travelers, the Czech Republic eased travel restrictions on June 15.
  1. Dominica Republic: Encriciling stunning landscapes and scenery, Dominica Republic is one of the 10 countries where getting a VISA is easier than ordering food online. It has been welcoming tourists since 1 July.
  1. Egypt: Home to the desert of dreamlike delight, Egypt resumed travel and hospitality on 1 July. Here are the best places to visit and things to do in the Sahara Desert, Egypt.
  1. France: One of the most beautiful countries in Europe, France has been serving tourists since 15 June.
  1. Germany: Homes to one of the most spectacular castles in Europe, Germany allowed tourists on 15 June.
  1. Greece: One of the best destinations for summer vacations in the world, Greece eased COVID-19 restrictions on 15 June.
  1. Iceland: Resumed traveling on 21 July, Iceland homes to one of the best hot springs in the world.
  1. Italy: Planning to travel post-coronavirus? Italy is on the list of top 5 summer destinations to visit after coronavirus. It reopened traveling on 3 June. 
  1. Jamaica: The country was opened for tourists on 15 June. Here are some popular tourist attractions in Jamaica.
  1. Jordan: One of the most visited World Heritage Sites around the world, Jordan was open for tourists on 4 August.
  1. Maldives: Here is the grace of nature, this beautiful country lifted all the restrictions on 15 July.
  1. Netherlands: Of course, it is one of the puckish international destinations where you cannot visit with your family that was reopened after COVID-19 on 15 June.
  1. Nepal: If you are coming from India, Nepal is perhaps the most affordable international destination that can fit in your budget. Nepal has a few thousand cases of Coronavirus, and the country resumed travel restrictions on 1 September. Here is the ultimate travel guide to Nepal.
  1. Russia: Want to explore the underwater world? Russian is perhaps the best place to visit for year-round trips. It resumed all travel restrictions on 15 July.
  1. Seychelles: With well-preserved infrastructure and stunning natural delights, Seychelles is the best and most-visited tourist place in Europe. It has continued traveling and hospitality since 1 June.
  1. Spain: Spain was the worst-affected country due to COVID-19 in the starting days. However, the government has controlled everything rapidly and the country is now open to tourists. It started welcoming tourists on 21 June.
  1. Sweden: Do you love nights for stargazing? Sweden must be on your list as the country has lifted all the travel and accommodation restrictions and people are traveling to Sweden since 1 June.
  1. Switzerland: Get ready to take a big leap and experience the most scenic train ride in the world in Switzerland. The country discontinued travel restrictions on 15 June. 
  1. Thailand: Other than body massage and other recreational things to do, Thailand is widely popular among travellers for its mouth-watering food. You can try both as the country is open for tourists since 1 August.
  1. Turkey: Preserving history, architecture, and amazing food recipes, Turkey is undoubtedly the best country. Well, it reopened for tourists on 10 June. Here are the top 5 most-visited beautiful towns in Turkey.
  1. UAE, Dubai: Always been an amazing tourist place, UAE has been welcoming & greeting tourists since 7 July.
  1. United Kingdom: The country was set to reopen on June 30 but now tourists will be traveling to the United Kingdom from 25 October.
  1. Ukraine: Lies amid the natural delights, Ukraine is one of the best countries to visit without COVID-19 restrictions.
  1. USA: There are lots of restrictions, but the US Travel Ministry said they will be reopening the Canadian side shortly. In case you visited here are the best national parks in the USA.

Countries are rapidly changing their travel policies, therefore it is essential to recheck before planning a trip to your favorite destinations.

The resumption of tourist activities is solely dependent on government approval. Hence, it is subject to change anytime. TourToReview suggests you talk to the local authorities and federal authorities before traveling.  Let’s explore the delights and get more details about the best countries to visit without COVID-19 restrictions.

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